“Stop what you are doing and go check out The Future Babes….cool catchy melodic and upbeat…I’m in!”

Mike Kee, Cumulus Event Director

About The Future Babes

The Future Babes is an alternative rock band out of Atlanta, Ga. The 4 members originally met in high school where they began jamming in basements and playing house shows. They have transformed from a base of singer/songwriter style to its own unique sound of a mixture of pop, rock, and jazz. The band has been signed by an indie label, Madison Records out of Atlanta, GA, and has recorded their self-titled debut EP. The band has been touring all throughout the southeast during 2015 and with the release of their EP, the band is ready to begin touring nationally.

Carson Fleischman is on guitar and vocals. At his core he is a singer/songwriter. His songs often have great story telling aspects, which makes them complete songs rather than just a hooky chorus with some chords behind it. He has a powerful and genuine sounding voice that can go from a Dave Grohl style scream to a whisper in the matter of one lyric.

Ian Klin is on keys, bass and vocals. He and Carson are both lead singers of the band. Sometimes Ian sings the full song, sometimes Carson sings the full song, and sometimes they trade off verses within a song. Ian is originally a jazz pianist and he can hang with the best of them. His knowledge of music theory and chord structure adds color to the band’s seemingly simple songs.

McClain Hendon is the drummer of the band. He is what makes it a rock band. His unique style of drumming definitely helps define the band’s signature sound. He also plays a major part in arranging the songs and making each song unique unto itself.

Andrew Evans recently joined the band as the lead guitar player. With influences such as Slash and Joe Bonamassa, he brings a whole new dynamic to the band’s sound. His ripping guitar solos and heavy rock riffs are quickly becoming major features of the bands new songs.

The Future Babes are a young band but gaining notoriety quickly. They plan to tour the nation during 2016, as well as get back into the studio to begin their first full-length album.