"These guys flat out bring it live! "

Mike Kee, Rock 100 Events Director, Atlanta

"Hero The Band are the next wave!"

Chris Payne, KRZQ-MD-APD, RENO

"My new favorite band."

Mike Halloran PD, 91X, San Diego

"Great bands evolve and change directions helping establish new trends in music and that's in music and that's what Hero The Band does each time they release a new track."


About Hero The Band

It truly is a "family affair!"- Four blood brothers, multiple musical talents, and one big dream are the motivating factors that keep this band steadily moving toward a successful music career that touches lives around the nation and world. Like many artists, this band of brothers started singing in the church. Coming from a musically inclined family, this is no surprise. Both their mom and dad sing, and several uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents sing and play as well. "Music is in their blood"; and that is why the HERO THE BAND sound is so rich with soul, electric energy, and wholeness.

Although the brothers have been singing together all their life, they did not form an official group until 2008. The group name at that time was Inseparable, a fitting name for brothers who are not only close in age, but are close in heart. As Inseparable, the guys performed their own R&B originals at various clubs and talent shows throughout the Atlanta area. By 2010, the brothers officially formed the band HERO which showcases both their vocal and instrumental talents. Their sound is an evolving mixture of pop, rock, and soothing melodies. HERO just has a unique and inviting style.

"We have been around music all of our lives, and we want to make music for the rest of our lives." says Nick, the youngest member of the band. HERO THE BAND's musical influences are Queen, Coldplay, Take 6, Boyz II Men, The Temptations, The Beatles, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, Earth, Wind, & Fire, U2, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. It is no surprise that the brothers play the bass and lead guitars, keys, and drums. "Because we write our own lyrics and musical sound, it allows us to express our real emotions and share ourselves with the world", says Jerramy. "We are not in a box, we don't have a lead singer. We are just a mixture of different genres of music, like Michael Jackson or Andre 3000,"Justin says. As the band grows in musicianship and artistry, the band has been blessed with many phenomenal performance opportunities. The band has performed at such venues as the Masquerade, Phillip's Arena (National Anthem for the Hawks), and performed as the opening act for the legendary "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" band, Mother's Finest.

HERO THE BAND produces a sound that is forever timeless and inspiring to audiences of all ages. Hero's sound is captivating live audiences both locally and statewide. After performances, audiences express an overwhelming, euphoric emotion and satisfying feeling. Many fans testify, "Their music makes me feel good."; "Wow, this is amazing!"

It may seem as though every hero has a quest. Some save a princess from a fire breathing dragon, others save the world from a nemesis determined to cause destruction. HERO THE BAND has a different quest and that is to touch and inspire lives through their musical talents and sound. "It is our humbleness, writing ability, and the way we work together that is so appealing. We are brothers and we work as a team." says DJ.

HERO THE BAND credits Mr. Grigsby, their chorus teacher, for motivating them to learn music and really believe and pursue their dream. Justin, Jerramy, DJ, and Nick have made a brother's pact to take this journey together as a team. This band will be the heroes that contribute fresh and dynamic musical compositions that include "real lyrics and real sounds" for all the world to enjoy.


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