Peter Cable Roessler and Severine Casati promised each other as young that when one formed a band, the other would be the first called.  So it is with Late Nite Cable, a sparkling electro-pop song that is almost perfect (ok, it’s pretty damned perfect).  I love the way the song starts slowly and then builds up to a beautiful ending, just like that meeting with that “All Nite Girl” or guy.  This is a band that is already making waves in New York, with very good reasons.  Expect to hear more from them in the future.

Audio Fuzz

Pete Roessler and Severine Casati's recently debuted LateCable project crafts simple, manicured synth-pop songs for balmy summer nights. The New York based duo's first track "Take Me Away" is a blissfully mellow cut, sourcing 80s-era vocal melodies and 90s-era drum machines for a dreamy duet. Today, we premiere the band's newest effort, "All Nite Girl," a lead single to be featured on their forthcoming EP (set for release in September). The EP was co-produced by Anthony "Rocky" Gallo, who previously worked with Yeasayer, John Legend, and Cat Power. The production of "All Nite Girl" is more robust than previous single "Take Me Away," a soaring force of densely arranged melodies and rhythms, and the vocal hooks are tighter, stronger."

Angel Eugenio Fraden, The Deli

“Take Me Away": The chorus in this song is the electro-pop equivalent of the sun coming out from behind clouds after two days of rain.

Independent Clauses

Bright, sparkling, synth-pop track from Brooklyn-based duo Late Nite Cable. ‘Take Me Away’ is the duo’s debut single. Co-produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo who in the past has worked with Yeasayer, John Legend and Cat Power. ‘Take Me Away’ is taken from the duo’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, which is due for release September.


About Late Nite Cable

Originally from Fairfield, Connecticut USA, Peter Cable Roessler grew up with a strong interest in music starting at age four playing the viola and then upright bass as he entered elementary school. By the age of ten, “Pete” had already developed a keen ear for pop and rock music of the 80s and 90s as he graduated to guitar, bass, drums, piano and writing original music.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Pete took time off to live, study and work in Costa Rica and Argentina for 3 years and then earned two graduate business degrees. After subsequently living and working in New York City, Pete became eager once again to devote all of his energies to writing music, a passion that had been working its way to the surface for many years. Having traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe and the Far East, he was able to gather musical influences from a number of different cultures.

In 2011, Pete met French singer Séverine Casati who was also battling with the day-to-day monotony of a full-time job rather than fulfilling her love of music. Pete remembered promising Séverine that if, one day, he formally embarked on a music career, she would be the first person he would call to sing in his band. As chance would have it, three years later she indeed was the first person he contacted with regard to his new music project – Late Nite Cable.

Séverine Casati, who was born in Westfield, NJ, moved with her family back to France at the age of five. She was raised near Versailles, a suburb of Paris, where she began singing and expressing her love for music at the age of seven when she began piano lessons. Seduced by African-American music, Séverine's first inspiration was Louis Armstrong.

She studied classical music and jazz for 12 years in a conservatory of music where she also performed as a soloist beginning at age 10. Her influences are Portishead, The Cranberries, Radiohead, Muse, Nina Simone, Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley, Sting, Dido, Sixto Rodriguez, Amy Winehouse and Eddie Vedder.

After living in Mexico and Montreal where she continued singing in a number of folk and pop bands, Séverine finally settled down in New York City in 2011, which had been her dream venue since she was very young. As the founding members of Late Nite Cable, Pete and Séverine, along with their live band, plan to make a big splash in the synth pop and electronic pop market.

Equipped with an EP that will be released in September 2015 and with a few additional singles to be released soon thereafter, they plan to continue releasing a significant amount of content throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016.


All nite girl