Her soul filled sound blends every singer-songwriter you wish would have a baby together, and adds more personality than any of them could. Zoya is a treasure, and I urge all of you to listen to her.

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As someone wielding both a music business degree and a microphone, there isn’t a thing Mohan does without integrity, and that comes through in her work: whimsical and experimental, but never for a second vapid. There’s a message in every line she pens—sometimes about herself, sometimes about the world..

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Get familiar with her music and name now because Zoya may just end up becoming one of the breakthrough artists you find out about after the fact

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Every place singer and songwriter Zoya Mohan has lived in the course of her 21 years can be heard in her music... in her songs she strums her acoustic guitar gently, singing honestly and fervently about her life and her experiences. Zoya’s music reflects her journey — the perfect balance of her Indian roots and her Western upbringing.

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Zoya Mohan approaches music the way an international chef approaches a signature dish, gathering sounds from all around the world as if they are spices to flavor the final product she’s going to serve.

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About Zoya

ABOUT Letters To Toska EP:

Recording entrancing vocal melodies and haunting harmonies by her window overlooking a dimly lit alley in the city, Zoya began her fourth EP titled “Letters To Toska.” Often whispered in solitude, these confessions gather Zoya’s experiences and understandings of the world, beginning in her birth country, India, to her childhood home in Southern California, and stretching to her most recent travels across South America. Throughout the recording process, maintaining the raw, natural feel of her music was of the utmost importance to Zoya. When her previous albums deemed impersonal and detached, she called on the devoted talent of her friends at Berklee College of Music to capture the genuine sound she had always envisioned.

After months of tireless work, Zoya offers her intimate EP “Letters To Toska” drawing to mind the works of Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, Laura Marling and Susheela Raman, while remaining completely unique.


Storyteller and avid traveller, Zoya, is carving a home for herself in the indie folk music world. Unmasking her conscience in her confessional songwriting and orchestral arrangements, these revelations gather Zoya’s experiences and understandings of the lives with whom she has brushed shoulders.

Beginning the journey in her birth country, India, her childhood home in Southern California, and unearthing countless countries in between, Zoya has developed a genre that stretches across all borders. Zoya kept up with her roots by intertwining the inescapable allure of the North Indian music tradition through her entrancing vocal style that is coupled with intense, stirring harmonies, and eclectic instrumentation. As a graduate from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Zoya is nurturing her passion for music by collecting sounds from around the world and accompanies them with her honest lyrics and classical guitar . This new sound she has come to be known for has caught the attention of publications like the Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, MTV Indies, Wondering Sound and more.

Her debut EP titled, “Letters To Toska” released in November 2013 and recieved much acclaim from the Huffington Post, Earmilk, an more. This intimate EP draws to the mind works of other singer-songwriters - Fiona Apple, AniDiFranco, Laura Marling or Susheela Raman. In November 2014, Zoya released her first ever Visual EP titled, “Lasya”. Partnering with a ballet dancer, modern contact dancer, and Indian dancer she used their choreography as a medium to gather their individual responses to the messages of longing and pining relayed in the lyrics of each song. The result was extraordinary footage that visually expressed this through dance. Now Zoya has been working on her full-length album titled “The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room” that is set to release in July 2015 and that was backed by her “The Girl Who” Kickstarter project.

In February 2015, Zoya performed at Brighton Music Hall with renowned looper - Kawehi - and had the opportunity to join her for her full west coast tour. Since, Zoya has followed the DIY footsteps of Kawehi by starting her own Kickstarter to fund her newest album and her first official tour in August 2015.

Now based in Southern California, Zoya is performing, writing, and recording more than ever before but, soon, hopes to move overseas to foster her eclectic sound and preserve her wanderlust nature.


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