“Reflecting both the bold aspirations of youth and the bittersweet loss of innocence, We Were Here finds the Southern California native eager to leave her mark on the world. Lamb’s confident vocals and candid admissions speak to her potential for leaving her own lasting legacy.”

Carolyn Dixon, Goodnight Hestia

“The EP’s wistful closing track, “Endless Summer” evokes a vivid panorama of rusted Woodies, shivering palm trees, abandoned surfboards and deserted cottages. “Somewhere the surf’s always up,” chimes the true California girl.”

Vickye, For the Country Record

“Finally releasing the EP, which Amanda Lamb has been putting everything into for the last year, she feels better than ever. “Country music feels more comfortable than anything I have ever done, it feels like home.””

CMR Nashville

“To complete the record, Amanda Lamb teamed with acclaimed producer, Kent Wells (Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire), who brought the amazing production value to the table. The collection contains feelings of exploration, courage, and heartbreak and features the very talented musicians of Nashville’s Music City.”


About Amanda Lamb

Open-hearted stories from an artist who shares her soul: Amanda Lamb’s new EP We Dance We Run expands her emotional range while reflecting the modern country veneer that is her sonic trademark.

The lead single “Barefoot,” is a joyous introduction. Amanda remembers the Tennessee writing session with collaborator Dave Tough when the images crystallized. “It came from being in the South, seeing these beautiful forests, and wanting to run barefoot through them,” she says.

We Dance We Run was tracked in Nashville by producer by Kent Wells (noted for recent work with Dolly Parton) who surrounds Amanda’s made-for-radio alto voice with prominent Music City players. “Nashville has a super-cool vibe,” says Amanda. “Everyone is so friendly and open minded. It’s like a big family.”

Barely into her twenties, Amanda is from Orange County, California – better known for posh boutiques and luxurious yachts than Wal-Marts and pickup trucks. It made no difference when she heard country music. “The stories sounded real,” she remembers. And although she explored a variety of styles as a performer, it was country music that defined her.

Amanda’s themes are not all sweetness and light. Two tracks co-written with Bill Diluigi speak to emotional shadows. “Marionette” relates the helplessness where someone else pulls the heartstrings. “Edge of Midnight” has the doubtful heroine contemplating a fateful hour until, with endearing optimism, Amanda sings, “My heart has seen the sun.”

She is open about challenges in her life. Since Amanda was one year old, she has lived with Type 1 Diabetes. Diligent in her commitment to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), she raises funds and awareness and communicates most effectively by example. She doesn’t allow anything to control her destiny.

Another trait that will surprise audiences who have experienced her exuberant live performances is that outside of the spotlight she is very shy. She reveals this in “See Through Heart,” (co-written with Melissa Bollea.) “I am often perceived as aloof,” Amanda says. “I think a lot of people who are shy are misjudged. I am OK with people knowing this. Maybe I can help someone with their shyness and anxiety and they can help me in return.” She says that onstage, in front of an audience, is where she can be the most honest. “I feel like this is who I am supposed to be. It’s not a character, this is my true self.”

As an artist who is not afraid to confess fears, share secrets or celebrate joy, Amanda says that performing the songs from We Dance We Run has expanded her perceptions of them. “The songs and I have grown together,” she confirms. “I am so ready for people to have them.”