"Cutting right to the quick of it, Light Over There’s self-titled EP is brilliant. There’s no getting around it; every one of the five songs here is impressively written and performed to the point where they are just as wonderful a showcase of talent, as they are enjoyable to listen to."

Heath Andrew Review

"The result of this most unexpected musical collaboration is something truly beautiful."


"Haberman and Henderson are a powerhouse of talent, and they have created the perfect combination of talent between themselves with Light Over There."

Alec Cunningham, Good Vibes music reviews

"Light Over There treats us to uplifting vocals, delightful lyrics, wonderful melody and captivating guitar riffs"

Boulent Mustafa, Oceanic Blue UK

About Light Over There

Rex Haberman is a veteran rocker from Minneapolis who has released two solo albums, one duo album, and most recently a series of albums and EPs with the socially conscious band War Poets. War Poets have toured the USA for over two years, playing about 80-100 shows per year and are played coast to coast on AAA, commercial, and college radio. They have had significant internet radio success, including heavy play on Radio Airplay, WNYR in NYC and KMIX in LA as well as global play across the Berkshire Media Group network.

Aileen Henderson is a Dumfries-born 18 year old who was brought up in Galway from the age of three. Her father always had instruments lying around the house and introduced her to The Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. Singing country from a very early age, she overcame her shyness in her teens and started uploading videos online and gained confidence from the positive feedback they generated. Her YouTube channel has now had over 68,000 views and counting. She has appeared in the Irish press and raised €4,000 for her local cystic fibrosis foundation with the release of a charity CD.

The two make an unlikely pair, living on different continents and being from different generations. They met through Twitter in June 2014, connected by email, then starting writing together across the Atlantic. By late 2014, they had five fully composed original songs ready to be recorded. The band selected for the project included established Nashville musicians, Jesse Isley (guitar), Adam Beard (bass), Tim Lauer (keyboards), former Gin Blossoms drummer John Richardson, and backing singers Lizzy Herder and Jennifer Grimm. Aileen’s vocals were recorded in Galway, Ireland with Ray Diamond while all the other instruments were laid down at Drum Farm Studio in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Rex and Aileen have still never met in person! The songs were then mixed by five time Grammy winner Joe Baldridge and mastered by another five time Grammy winner Richard Dodd.

This collection of five Americana tracks holds many stories. Where Memories Live is about dementia and the toll it takes on families, Solitude, Gratitude is about dealing with a chronic illness and Mountain Song tells the tale of finding your way despite life's injustices. Aileen and Rex's project is called Light Over There, a reference to these two songwriters finding inspiration across the sea that separates them.