Lead vocalist Chris Ehrhart’s strong vocals help to draw this comparison as well, his voice very similar in tone and texture to Bart Millard and Mark Hall as he sings through a lyric that shares, “It’s staying the same that’s insane/Wasting time playing the game/What if your dreams really were true?/Would it change what you say and what you do?”

Along The Journey

Bringing together solid songwriting, well-crafted arrangements, and a great vocal, this collective is on the right path to bring their message of hope to the masses. Here’s to hoping that message gets the audience it deserves.

Along The Journey

As powerful as the Christian messages are in some of the tracks, Beautiful Mess is never too heavy-handed or “preachy” with their beliefs, so even though a message of God and love is upfront, there’s also enough content to entertain music fans in general.

Heath Andrews Reviews

All five songs on Beautiful Mess’ Words Getting Around offer something distinctly charming, engaging, and contemplative. You don’t have to appreciate the Christian undercurrents to take pleasure in the meaningful songwriting and strong musicianship that the Ehrhart family combines together in exquisite fashion. But if you do find a common ground in shared faith with the Ehrhart’s you’re in for an even greater treat as their brand of rock and spirituality is amongst the best. Never a mess, always beautiful, Words Getting Around is an exceptional EP.

Heath Andrews Reviews

About Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Chris Ehrhart, fueled by the musical vision and leadership of Mike’s son, Tim. Formed five years ago, the group came together when each member realized that his individual talents work together better if brought together into a group.

"Tim was learning to play instruments, I was writing lyrics, and Chris was singing on worship teams. We did these things independently before deciding that we should come together," shares Mike.

The result was Beautiful Mess.

Initially formed with the idea of recording for fun, the band moved forward, releasing four EP’s since 2009. The band’s lead musical arranger, Tim, now a student at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, helped to propel them forward with velocity. Success and growth was underway and they started getting compared to bands like Big Daddy Weave and MercyMe, however the band still felt there was more to be done.

In discussing next steps, lead vocalist Chris made a band-changing statement.“'I'm not sure the world needs another concert. As a band we need to tell more of a story." Later that night I got to thinking and saw that if you put these songs into narrative order, they tell a story. Out of this realization, they created their first music and video production, Never Too Late. This is the winning formula they continue to follow for sharing their music and message.

For Beautiful Mess, that message is the key, sharing an authentic look at life and faith with the world, bringing truth to those searching and creating a space for honest, open communication.

“More and more people are searching and are wanting answers. They are looking for a better way to live and be in community,” shares Mike. “We believe that we know the answer and we boldly present it; not boldly as in "in your face" but more in a clear, concise way. That belief is that we are designed by God to live connected lives and we need to be intentional in doing so. Connected lives and communities require choices by individuals to favorably influence each other through our relationships. Apathy is the same as death.”

“I'm proud that our music, versus some other contemporary Christian acts has a very balanced view of the faith journey,” says Tim. “Sometimes contemporary Christian music can be guilty of making everything look pretty glamorous, like everything's golden and, while there's a place for that, there are other times where we need to offer something more real and we try to draw a good balance between the two, acknowledging that in life there are really great moments of joy but that there are also times of struggle."

In Word’s Getting Around, the band’s latest release, this message is front and center. The EP explores a variety of musical textures, from a funky, lighthearted groove to more conventional anthems, and will soon be performed live with a new narrative video in production.

With their depiction of every day faith and compelling musicianship, word’s getting around that Beautiful Mess invites you to take a listen and experience the music and the message for yourself.


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