“They’re one of Australia’s most talked about up and coming duo’s…”

Tracee Hutchison, ABC Australia

“Hauntingly beautiful vocals. Very talented - need more music like this…”

KovoBand (Melbourne, Australia)

“It's amazing what you guys are doing here… I just love visiting again... I could laze out on your sweet “Pillow” (original track) all day at this rate! London loves Syre & Fresko!!”


About Syre & Fresko

2014 began with Syre & Fresko winning 1st place in the National ABC/TripleJ Run competition, allowing them to represent Australia at the Annual Spring Gala for Chinese New Year in Beijing, performing for over 600+ million viewers in over 70+ countries. And the momentum hasn't stopped there.

“Creating a baby is kind of fun…”, but despite this, husband and wife duo being about to start a family, it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

2014 began with Syre & Fresko winning 1st place in a National Competition in conjunction with Beijing TV, then representing their home turf of Australia at the Chinese New Year. “It was by far the craziest experience of our lives!” they both remark. “And it’ll be a while before we get to perform in front of 600+ million again!” Yes, that’s right. 600+ million viewers on live TV across 70+ countries. C’mon Aussie c’mon!

Having just released their Debut EP, Syre & Fresko bring a rock edge now to the table, with some heavy drum performances, embellished with lush guitars and sweeping synths – it’s the sound of raw songs in their truest form, a sound growing around the world, particularly for those less excited about mainstream produced pop, but still maintaining some sweet vocal lines to thread it all together.

Admittedly still finding their feet, and for the remainder of this year, Syre & Fresko report a couple of fresh new singles on the way to help listeners balance their rock edge, with their melodic folk appeal. It’s truly an exciting time for one of the freshest, musically capable and talented duo’s to ever come out of Australia.
Stay tuned for all the news and goodness this Aussie export duo is set to bring!!


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