"No one will accuse Minnesota newcomers War Poets of lacking confidence. Their “Dulce et Decorum Est” is a mam-moth two-disc, 17-track undertaking and, to be fair, the Rex Haberman-fronted outfit acquit themselves quite nicely... This is a promising debut."

Jeffrey Sisk

“War Poets’ first full length recording Dulce et Decorum Est shows off a collective effort of five veterans of the Minnesota pop/rock scene running the gamut from country rockers to piano ballads….There are lots of jangly gritty Replacements with Big Star at the core groove with almost a communal feel of all the added music depth.”

Music News Nashville

“Don’t be put off by the foreign-sounding title; this is some seriously accessible-yet-varied music, one of the most consistently engaging releases I’ve heard in some time.”

Bill Kopp, MUSOScribe

About War Poets

WAR POETS is asking the world to wake up, one driving, pop-rock song at a time. Hailing from the always-progressive music city of Minneapolis, mastermind Rex Haberman leads the band on their third release in the past year, Searching for the American Dream, out early in 2015.

This six song EP is the final in a trilogy focused on challenging issues currently being faced in the U.S. “We want to be the soundtrack for the Occupy movement!” proclaims Haberman. The premiere EP, American Police State, released summer 2014, probes income inequality, Native America rights, and gun violence. The second EP, Hot and Cold: American Relationships, released on Rock the Cause Records, delves further into how we treat each other. Single "Say No More" garnered coast to coast airplay in commercial, AAA, and college radio markets. War Poets supported these two EP releases with a national tour schedule, playing Los Angeles to New York and all points in between.

“We have to talk about these issues,” dares Haberman. “Of course we hope you like the music, but these songs also stand for something- we want to make you think”.

The messages in Searching for the American Dream are couched in pop-savvy rock, with sonic references to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, and earnestness harkening to home state heroes Bob Dylan and The Replacements. “Historically, a lot of rock and roll brought issues to the forefront -The Beatles, the Stones, and other great bands in the ‘70s. Springsteen continued beyond that era on ‘Born In The USA’ - those songs weren’t about being patriotic; he was speaking on behalf of the common man. He used his success to make a difference,” says Rex. “These days the ‘Song Of The Year’ is just fabricated glitz; as are the superstars. AND worst of all, they’ve commandeered far too much of the music in this country.”  

The 6 songs comprising Searching for the American Dream were recorded at Drum Farm Studio in Wisconsin - a former barn turned into a beloved hideaway for music-making by former Gin Blossom drummer John Richardson. Grammy winner Joe Baldridge (Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson) from Nashville, and Minneapolis favorite Kevin Bowe (Etta James, Jonny Lang) produced all three EPs.

Rex changes his line up on Searching, working with War Poets’ live players along with Nashville to broaden the musicianship. “We can make cool music with cool musicians,” he explains, “but we are also asking what do you want to do with your country... and your city?”

Track one, ‘Day Dream’, produced by Baldridge, speaks of America’s incarceration problem. ‘Shadows’, featuring Desdamona, is about redemption and finding your way, either alone or through another. ‘On My Own’ recalls the first hand experience Rex had with a homeless and illiterate man whom he was able to save. ‘Sarah’ portrays prostitutes as real people, with a call for non-judgement. Income inequality is a hot topic for War Poets, addressed in ‘Pay The Piper’. “The current income disparity is a repeat of what happened in France in the 1700’s - only a revolution can topple things to bring on the changes this country needs.” challenges Haberman. The EP wraps with ‘Hey There’, about the very American pursuit of happiness and love.

War Poets debuted with the well-received full length Dulce et Decorum est (named for the WW1 war poem), working with Bowe and Philadelphia’s Stephen McKnight. Single ‘Close Enough’ brought broad recognition to the band, becoming an anthem for same-sex marriage supporters, with excellent radio and video play, multiple licensing placements, and SXSW appearances during national tours.

As the country has many challenges, so must War Poets continue to make music to speak out about them. In December 2014, the two track mini-EP Nysha & the Siren was released, about a woman’s struggles with sobriety after recovering from chemical dependency. “Staying sober can be a life long struggle for those afflicted.” empathizes Rex. “There is not a cure for addiction, only controlling it. Nysha succeeds with the help of friends that love her – it’s a song of hope, but also a tale of compassion.”

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘war poet’ has existed since the mid-1800s with writings published during the World Wars and beyond including the Iraq war. Certainly the prose provided a catharsis for the authors, and these works serve as an important documentation of the tragedies. “War Poets is a band who write songs about the disenfranchised and the issues which need to be changed.” asserts Rex Haberman. “Activism and community is our goal. We’re here to move you in more ways than one.”


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