"YUCA is one of those bands that only come around every so often. With their own original sound, they are not a band that you can say sounds like another”

Neil Morrison, Radio DJ 99.3 FM

"I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Borck, lead singer of YUCA, on his recent promotional trip to the UK. His passion for all that is YUCA is contagious and the music has immediate impact with some beautifully crafted melodic anthems fit for a stadium."

Jonny Dawes, Manager for Jamie Cullum

"YUCA are the business! - Stadium-friendly, intelligent, anthemic rock like show that these guys are headed for the top. Think Coldplay with bigger balls”

Grant Mason, Three from Leath Podcast

“Just when you thought new rock lost its soul...YUCA proves us wrong - Amazing band!!"

Karen Khunkhun, CTV

About YUCA

YUCA. The name evokes power, grace, and an exotic flair. It’s the optimum handle for the Langley, Canada-based trio that specializes in gorgeously anthemic and atmospheric pop-rock. Five years, a tireless work ethic that’s seen them do over 375 shows nationally and internationally, and countless awards and accolades, have prepped the three piece for a new, prosperous era. YUCA welcomes this time with a masterwork of an album, Rebuilding The Fallen Empire (Rising Empire Records).

“The title has a double meaning,” says Matt Borck, YUCA’s primary songwriter, singer-guitarist. “It means reviving rock n’ roll, but it’s also personal. We’ve been in the trenches and working our butts off for the band, so it also symbolizes making our dreams a reality.”

YUCA’s majestic rock n’ roll evokes the uplifting and otherworldly textures of Muse, Coldplay, and U2, but injects a propulsive drive that’s purely rock n’ roll. YUCA is Matt Borck lead Vocals and guitar, Andy Boldt bass and backing vocals, and Dave Atkinson Drums. The band began in earnest 5 years ago when, as Borck says, he: “found the right combination of dreamers.”

Along the way, career highlights have been being singled out over hundreds of bands for distinguished awards by leading Canadian stations 99.3FM and 100.5FM; performing multiple times for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics; and having a song picked for Playstation3, Xbox360 Vancouver Olympics 2010 Video Game.

YUCA has also built a robust national and international profile based on its mesmerizing and goose-bump inducing live show experience. Onstage the band epically stretches skyward, elongating songs and hypnotizing audiences with its bursting-at-the-seams emotionality. The band’s broad appeal has made it compatible performing with diverse artists. YUCA has shared the stage with The Killers, AFI, Metric, De La Soul, The Trews, Lifehouse, Hot Hot Heat, Billy Talent, Theory of a Deadman, Default, Kim Mitchell and Econoline Crush. The trio has also played Japan twice, most recently to headline Rocktoberfest for which they captured footage for an upcoming video release. In addition, the band has also performed multiple times on TV programs such as Urban Rush, Global TV, CTV and even as a musical guest for a pilot show.

The band’s latest album, Rebuilding The Fallen Empire (Rising Empire Records), is raw and refined, a mix of feral passion and transcendent textures. The constant theme permeating the album, from the lyrics to the warm, in-the-moment performance and production treatment, is celebrating being human. It’s a theme addressed directly on the expansive “Skeletal Desires.” Here, as the track unfolds with poise and poignancy, featuring stately trumpets, shimmering keyboards, and achingly gorgeous vocals, Borck sings lines like: Are we human?/And are we human tonight?/Will we ever be human?/And love like humans, tonight?. Another standout is the grand “Where Are My Soldiers At?,” a song that manages to both be lonely and comforting, shifting from melodic melancholy to comforting anthemic hooks.

To stay true to its commitment to humanness, the band opted to self-produce and favored an organic first-take tracking aesthetic. “I wanted to be exposed and free. We strove for imperfection as perfection, going for first takes and picking emotion over anything else,” says Borck. "Rebuilding The Fallen Empire was mixed by John Cornfield (MUSE, Robert Plant, The Verve). Initially, Cornfield was slated to mix select tracks, but, after hearing the material, he was so enthusiastic he signed to mix the entire record."

Contemplating the prime position the band is in, and the work it took to get here, Borck says: “It’s like farming, it’s 24/7, but we’ve always had such great support from our friends, families, and fans. We always heard we could do whatever we wanted, and we want to give that back to the audience. We want our music to be the voice of encouragement and support for all to pursue their dreams.”


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