“Jody Quine's powerful vocals in the album standout.”

Audrey Elliot & Russell W. Elliot - Musical Discoveries

“Most impressive is Jody Quine's penetrating vocals--this reviewer can hardly recall hearing a voice so elegant and controlled.”

Russell W. Elliot - Musical Discoveries

About Jody Quine 2013

Jody Quine first discovered her passion for singing at an open mic. She closed her eyes, opened her voice and silenced the room.

After many years as a lead singer/co-writer for Balligomingo, and a vocalist/co-writer for Sleepthief, Jody’s new solo EP, Seven, was released in August 2013.

On Balligomingo’s debut album, Jody’s track Purify was hand picked by Bob Jamieson to be the first single. Remixed by many huge dj’s including Gus Gus, the song hit the Billboard break out charts at #3. Jody then became the lead vocalist for Balligomingo on the subsequent tour, as well as legal 3rd partner in the group for their following releases, Under An Endless Sky, Origins, and Remix Volume One.

Also discovered by Justin Elswick of Sleepthief, Jody garnered the first single Eurydice on the debut album, The Dawnseeker, and the title track on the sophomore album, Labyrinthine Heart. Her recent release Mortal Longing with Sleepthief had over 24,000 hits in the first 24 hours on YouTube.

After many years, she is now focusing on putting her heart into her own music. “I used to date boys for song fodder”, you’ll often here Quine say, “but since I met my husband I’ve been happy and lacking material to write about!” However during the journey of falling in love, getting married, and having children there is much to discover and say.

As well as music, Jody has a solid background in improv comedy having performed at the renowned Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary, Second City in Toronto, and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. Her songs have appeared on many television shows including Queer As Folk and Dark Blue. Live she is an experience; Captivating, Entertaining, and Electric. Her sound is a mixture of folk-pop, and jazz with a whisper of rock. And her voice, THE VOICE, beds down with the shivers under your skin.

Photos by Christopher Thorn Photography (http://www.christopherthornphotography.com)


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