"So Much More" dishes up a nice combo of upbeat pop tunes and ballads. Candice sings her heart out, and the talent she has is amazing. I hope with the album, So Much More , that Candice Russell gets the mainstream stardom that she deserves. Candice has talent to spare and a vocal purity that needs to be appreciated on a much larger scale!

Rick Jamm - Jamsphere

"Loved By You" is a radio-ready hit that just begs for airplay.

Andrew Greenhalgh - Along The Journey

Oregon-based singer and guitarist, Candice Russell, evokes images of a sweet pop princess that knows how to sing and perform. The music is upbeat and Candice's vocals are fairly indicative of Kelly Clarkson with a touch of JoJo. The pop/rock creations are driven by Candice's keen sense of songwriting and ear for strong melodies and moving stories. Find out why there is 'so much more' to Candice today!

Matthew Forss - Inside World Music

Outstanding vocal from a pop standpoint. … You have a bright future ahead of you as both an artist and a song writer.

Taxi A & R

About Candice Russell

There are those who sing and then there are those who were born to sing. Candice Russell was born to sing. She is a 21 year old pop singer and songwriter who has just released her debut album called So Much More. Her seemingly effortless, rich, pure vocal tone, her smooth vocal runs and the passion that comes through in her voice, make for an extremely satisfying listening experience. As one label executive said, “She is very easy on the ears.”

Candice’s songwriting is real, honest, and vulnerable, yet she is positive, determined and confident. She knows who she is, but she doesn’t see herself as above others. She sings, writes and performs to make others feel good about themselves, not to make others feel good about her. “I want to reach people with music that I have written and hopefully uplift and help them,” she says. All of the songs on this new album are original and from the context of her own real life experiences.

The artists that have impacted Candice are Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Paramore, Colbie Caillat and Carrie Underwood. The combination of these artists and what she has learned from her personal mentors and coaches has helped Candice find a unique blend that has resulted in her own cool and appealing sound.

Candice grew up singing in the church. Her mom was amazed when she first heard Candice singing “Jesus Loves Me” with perfect pitch when she was just one year old. Her poise as a child singing in the choir and her solos in high school caused many to say this girl has the "it" factor.

At the age of sixteen, Candice won a state wide singer-songwriting contest at the Oregon Fine Arts Festival. In 2012, she went to Hollywood on American Idol, Season 11, as a teenager. She also made it into the showcase final as a singer-songwriter at AMTC’s Shine event in Orlando in 2012. She has been seasoned by competitions and great mentors and now she is ready to share with the world the songs that have been cultivated and developed behind the scenes in the last year.

Soon after her time on American Idol, Candice met Dave Lubben, who is a veteran artist, songwriter and producer in Portland, Oregon. Among his many credits is producing the band Kutless. Candice collaborated with Dave Lubben and her brother, Aaron Russell (who also assisted in production), to write all ten of the new and original songs on this project. This album was recorded using top studio musicians from Los Angeles, Nashville and Portland. The results have yielded a high quality, radio-ready album.

The things Candice values most are her faith, family and friends. In many ways she is just normal, but her ability to transfer what is in her heart into art flowing through her fingers to the guitar and resonating through her voice to release flawless, passionate vocals is not at all typical. The lyrics on her album are thoughtful and deep, but also smart, witty and just plain fun at times. All this makes her an extremely intriguing artist to listen to and follow. Check out Candice’s website at candicerussell.com, where you can find her CD, as well as digital downloads, and join all her socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest). The album will be a world-wide digital release on July 30, 2013. You can find all the songs at iTunes, Amazon and digital stores everywhere.


Candice wrote the song "Remember" from the perspective of her friend named Nhu, who was sold into sex slavery as a child in Cambodia. As you could imagine, Nhu was depressed, miserable and in agony in these circumstances. However, she was eventually adopted by American parents. Now she is a young woman who is strong, confident and beautiful. Nhu and her parents have started an outreach of building and staffing homes called "Remember Nhu." Nhu now travels and speaks about her story and helps raise funds to build the homes worldwide. There are now two Remember Nhu homes in Cambodia that rescue young ladies from sex slavery and twenty homes and growing world wide. The song's purpose is to encourage those trapped to believe for a better day. It is also written to inspire those who can help to do so. Although the song is written about sex trafficking, it is also an inspiration to all women who have been abused, misused, abandoned or neglected.


• She worked as a commercial model in Portland, Oregon.
• She was a very good athlete in high school, where she led her soccer team in scoring and still holds the record in girls track for the long and triple jumps.
• Her favorite thing is hanging out with her friends.
• She loves to laugh.
• She feels deep emotion for people who are hurting.
• She has a heart to help young women across the world to be rescued from sex-trafficking.
• The guitar she plays in concerts was one her grandpa owned and played before he gave it to her.


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