‘A musical genius, no-one comes close to Robin Foster’

Didier Varrod, France Inter radio station

‘All ears must listen to Robin Foster, absolutely all ears’

Obskure Magazine

‘The perfect alchemy between divine melodies and powerful guitars’

Hautcourant Magazine

‘We didn’t like the Robin Foster concert, we absolutely loved it. Robin Foster is a must-see instrumentalist’

Electronic Music Addict

About Robin Foster

A current flows through British composer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Robin Foster's music, a mesmerising quality conjuring up images of passing landscapes, fast-paced city nights and smoky colours, an eternal road movie.

Hypnotic and hugely appealing, Foster’s intensely brooding instrumentals bring an intangible but undeniable tension, packed with lush cinematic textures, electronic loops, airy synths and all driven by waves of guitars.

Hints of Talk Talk, Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Radiohead, New Order or even The Smiths can be noted as Foster’s music floats back and forth between subtlety and intensity. Other influences include his passion for cinema, film directors such as Michael Mann (Heat, Miami Vice), Ridley Scott (Bladerunner), David Lynch, film score composer Ennio Morricone (For a few dollars more) amongst others are an inspiration to his “cinematic post-rock”.

Cinema and television are key references to Robin's personal soundtrack, often referred to in his tracks - “D A D O E S” (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Blade Runner) to the Philip K. Dick novel, “Blue Lights At Dusk”, to the way Michael Mann captures the light in his films, “Save The Cheerleader” & “Deadwood”, to television shows. It's fitting that he has been providing soundtracks from his albums for popular US shows One Tree Hill, HBO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Criminal Minds, French TV shows and has penned tracks for global brands such as Hugo Boss, Barclays, Le Coq Sportif, Septwolves, Sundek, Kenneth Cole...

After the critically acclaimed debut album “Life Is Elsewhere” in 2008 Robin went on to release “Where do we go from here?” at the end of 2011, featuring exciting collaborations with singer Dave Pen (BirdPen and Archive) and Ndidi O. Critics once again heralded the album, and Robin spent the next year touring the album to captivated audiences all over France, Belgium and Germany.

His close collaboration with Oscar nominated British writer/film director Sean Ellis has lead to soundtracks for prestigious global brand names such as Hugo Boss and Kenneth Cole. Following the success of his second album Robin turned his attention to penning the soundtrack to Ellis’ first feature film, Metro Manila. The action thriller recently won the highly prestigious Audience World Dramatic award at this year's Sundance Film Festival, USA (January 2013). Empire magazine has described the film as, ‘one of the best films of the festival, poetic, authentic and damn near perfect’. The film is scheduled for release in France in June 2013.

Upon completion of the Metro Manila soundtrack Robin got down to work on a new project, this time much more personal. Inspired by the natural beauty and isolation of Brittany’s Crozon peninsula (north-western France) and its beaches, Robin wanted to pay homage to the town where he lives and to its people. ‘PenInsular’, the artist’s third album, was recorded in Robin’s studio in Camaret, and entirely funded by his growing community of fans. Each track on this purely instrumental album, mixed by Jim Spencer in Manchester (New Order, Oasis, The Vaccines), is named after an area of the peninsula, and often refers to the savage landscape (Pen Had, Pen Hir, Kerloc’h). Robin calls this album, which perfectly captures the essence of this beautiful and isolated coast, his ‘postcard from the edge of the world’. Release is scheduled for end of June 2013, following a two-week tour of Germany with the group Archive for whom he recently remixed the single “Stick Me In My Heart”.


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