"I love you- met you in 2002 in Kingston Ontario! Your album was my soundtrack that year! I can't wait for my son to listen to your album and 'get it'"

Aida Hodkinson - fan

"...breathing a breath of fresh air in to the scene."

Dave - Soulm8magazine

"Clever and poetic with some cool background beats. It's something you need to open your ears to but once tuned in you'll find plenty here."

DJ Magazine

About BluRum13

Prodigious and prolific emcee James Sobers, known professionally as BluRum13, has had an iconic career as a solo artist and a collaborative artist. He’s released two solo albums, done over 1,000 shows, and worked with such luminaries as Us3, One Self, Reverse Engineering, Bullfrog, the Russian Percussion, Resin Dogs, Ez3kiel, Groundworks, True Ingredients, and The Funginears. His legacy is celebrated in St. Petersburg in the form of a mural immortalizing his likeness after BluRum13 toured the country with One Self.

It’s been a dazzling and dizzying career trajectory heightened in the last 6 years by fan demand for a new solo album. Behind the scenes, BluRum13 took time off to creatively recharge. In this time he experimented with drum and bass and electronica, and sought inspiration in the revolutionary evolutionary philosophies in Zecharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet and in the writings and teachings of Lloyd Pye. The lesson learned: Art that truly connects with the outside world comes from within, free from any expectations or music biz demands. Fittingly, BluRum13’s latest, Inverted, is a masterwork of kaleidoscopic creativity.

BluRum13/James Sobers was born in New York, but grew up in Maryland where he established his distinct aesthetic, a mélange of acrobatic rhymes, poetic profundities, and silken, sensually sung melodies. His texts are empowering and enlightening, encompassing physics, metaphysics, astronomy, astrology, existentialism, social commentary, and uplifting introspection.

Sobers chose the moniker “BluRum13” because of its vague and mystical qualities. It’s a name that cannot be tied down artistically, it can apply to a band, a solo artist, a rock group, a hip-hop posse—it perfectly suits his fluid, multi-genre artistry. But pressed for a definition of the title, he breaks it down thusly: “Blue, from the primary color, a foundation that can’t be created; Rum, representing intoxicating fluidity; and 13, the proven numerical link to the cosmos.”

BluRum13’s music has been featured in Cirque du Soleil, CSI, The Family Biz (Canada), and Skins (UK). As each of his creative identities, he’s shared the stage with such diverse and respected artists as Maceo Parker, Herbie Hancock, Phish, KRS1, Public Enemy, De la Soul, Diggable Planets, the Fugees, Prince Paul, Cool Herc, and Jeru the Dama. He’s recorded at Abbey Road Studios and performed as a guest artist on behalf of UK tastemaker Gilles Peterson. He also founded the group WaterPower (featuring Keyez, Primo the Cinematic and, Resyte Theez), and he’s worked with esteemed producers and DJs such as DJ Vadim, Luke Vibert, DJ Grandtheft aka GT, Kid Koala, Ben Mono, Miss Ill and PM.

The highly anticipated album, Inverted, was crafted during an artistic rebirth where BluRUm13 was liberating himself from genre and philosophical constrictions to find purity of expression. “I learned the thing we have in common with the Creator is the ability to create. So I began looking inward and creating for myself,” he says pensively. “Honesty is translatable. I’ve played many non-English-speaking countries where the venue is packed because the crowd gets ‘it,’ even if they don’t fully understand the language. “

Inverted boasts athletic and insightful flow and transcendent musicality. On “Threat Level Orange” BluRum13 lays it down limberly with abstract and ingenious verses like: Faith, changed from divinity ion dollars but humans hold the power of infinity/ go balance your chakras welcome to my ministry/ we bout to prey every hour to wash away the evil. “The threat is all the chaos and social programming in culture we’re subjected to from the commercial world,” he explains. “Venga” mixes hypnotic ethno musicality with smoldering rhymes for an intoxicating aural experience. The sleekly anthemic “Universal” loosely pays tribute to the late Michael Jackson. “In the studio we were watching MJ videos and inspired by how futuristic his dance moves were—people don’t do the twist anymore but they still moonwalk. We wanted to capture that futuristic element of his moves musically,” BluRum13 reveals.

Summing it up he says: “Making this album has been a real highlight for me because I made the music I heard in my head despite the pressure and anticipation. I was consumed with this album—there were a lot of sleepless nights—but it feels amazing right now,” he pauses. “It feels like a blockage was removed from my artery,” he says laughing.


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