"From the opening tune Take Me Higher to the last Never Alone, you're taken on a roller coaster of emotion listening to the soulful renderings of *AUDRA* accompanied by the tuneful musings of Pat."

Carlos Gnipp, Support Unsigned Artists

“Chaser Eight manages to pay homage to some of rock music's greats of the past 30 years while adding their own distinct vision of the greatness that this genre can once again be.”

The Ultimate Jamz Radio

"TCB would like to thank *AUDRA* and all of the Chaser Eight band members for an absolutely OUTSTANDING performance last night!! The sound and the energy that they displayed was TOP NOTCH!! If I had to describe their performance in one word, it would be "WOW"! Great job guys!"

Shannon Flynn, venue owner

“The spirit of no apologies rock in a modern band with a modern sound. A truly refreshing and delightful experience.”

Austin Taczli, Atomic PR

About Chaser Eight

You can’t fake it because the music never lies. The creative connections musicians have always surface in their artistry—if the bonds are authentic, the music rings true.

North Haven, Connecticut rock quintet Chaser Eight write lifestyle music—a soundtrack for ups and downs—because the group’s members live, and have lived, through its songs. Chaser Eight’s songwriting nucleus has a telepathic bond forged from having grown up together. Since they were 10 years old, Chaser Eight vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA*, and guitarist/songwriter Pat Walsh, have nurtured an astonishingly sympathetic artistic partnership. The group’s first EP of 2013, Up and Up, was its most assured and distinct recorded effort to date until their next release later in 2013. Released on February 26, 2013, it was a powerful calling card for an up-and-coming group.

“We explored music together from such a young age,” says *AUDRA*. “Pat lived two minutes away. It was an easy connection, but we were also willing to put the effort in to develop our music.”

Chaser Eight crafts epic and moody rock that recalls the grandeur of David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Killers, and even Lana Del Rey. *AUDRA*’s bluesy and richly expressive vocals, and Pat’s textured guitar playing, create a unique classic-contemporary union. The notable indie blog Support Unsigned Artists reviews the Up and Up EP thusly: “From the opening tune, ‘Take Me Higher,’ to the last, ‘Never Alone,’ you're taken on a roller coaster of emotion listening to the soulful renderings of *AUDRA* accompanied by the tuneful musings of Pat.”

The band has opened for The London Souls and The Radiators, and has headlined many popular shows in Connecticut and New York City. The quintet’s music has been played, and is in heavy rotation, on Connecticut radio stations 99.1 WPLR and Radio 104.1. Currently, the group is featured in the pitching catalog of an esteemed film and TV synch-licensing publishing house, APM Music. The band recently made its TV debut, performing two songs on WTNH's Connecticut Style Stage 8. In addition, *AUDRA* had the remarkable distinction of auditioning three songs to The Rolling Stones’ iconic former manager, Andrew Loog Oldham.

The results of Chaser Eight’s creative journey are complimentary writing styles that woven together form a unique sonic tapestry. *AUDRA* pens darkly cathartic tunes exploring heartbreak, and Pat compliments her style with transcendent and uplifting pop-rock. Though Chaser Eight’s songwriting is the work of two people, the band’s sonic identity is the result of five sympathetic musical souls in creative synchronicity. Bassist Billy Wang has collaborated with Pat and *AUDRA* in various creative guises since the three were young teens. He enriches Chaser Eight compositions with a refined sense of melodic counterpoint. Drummer Pete Giannini’s imaginative beats bring out the sweeping dynamics in the band’s songs with quiet fire restraint. Aaron Tagliamonte’s diversely accomplished musicality on keyboards and guitar enhances Chaser Eight’s tonal paintbrush, fortifying the music with sublime guitar melodies and dreamy keyboard ambience.

The band’s nuanced artistic chemistry is the result of a deep familial bond within its ranks. “I have known and collaborated with Pat and *AUDRA* since we were about 13 and we officially formed our first band when we were 18,” bassist Billy Wang explains. Although drummer Pete Giannini doesn’t share in the high school connection, he has a profound spiritual relationship to Chaser Eight and to keyboardist/guitarist Aaron Tagliamonte. A few years prior to joining the band he was in the throes of a dismal addiction. The support of his band mates, and in particular band mate Aaron, and the emotional release inherent in Chaser Eight’s music, have kept him on a healthy course. “In this band, I have the freedom to be creative and express myself. That keeps my mind occupied with positive thoughts,” he says. Aaron Tagliamonte was a trusted friend, musical collaborator, and sponsor of Pete during his darkest times. His joining the band was a natural evolution of the already fluid and kinetic artistry and has now completed the brotherhood-like bond between members.

The Up and Up EP is sensual, emotional, and gloriously hooky. Pat’s “Take Me Higher” aptly builds and builds, from breezy atmospherics to a soaring, walk-on-clouds chorus. “That’s a love song about finding someone and being swept away—it conjures up that escapist feeling,” he reveals.

*AUDRA*’s breathtaking “Addict” is gorgeously gloomy pop-rock with ominous spaghetti western guitars and a string arrangement that’s both lush and lonesome. Her vocals smolder with emotionality as she sings about a toxic love affair with a substance abuser. Listless but wanting more, she sings: Just give me one more day and one more hit of hope/Then I will finally be set free/Don’t you understand it’s just so hard to cope?/Without life’s little key/I don’t know what I’m doing here. “You can’t compete with the love a drug addict has for drugs—the addiction always wins. So what I’m saying here is: ‘You’re an addict and I’m an addict because I can’t leave you. I somehow always seem to write in these very strange dichotomies’” she says.

The song obviously resonates deeply with drummer Pete Giannini. Though not written about him, it mirrors his own relationship with substance abuse. “I definitely relate to that song. I’m five years into being clean but sometimes there are those ‘remember when’ thoughts,” Giannini says. “It’s therapeutic to channel that into the music and to have my band mates there for support.”

The Up and Up EP proved to be a career-making release landing the band headlining gigs at Toad’s Place and Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun. What began as a childhood dream is quickly becoming a reality for Chaser Eight. The band’s unpretentious artfulness has garnered them an impressive show of support from its fan base to continue ahead as professional musicians. “I remember when we met with an investor and he handed us $1,000. I was so overjoyed I had to excuse myself from the table. I went into another room, looked in the mirror, and said ‘This is so awesome, someone really believes in us!’ It has been one of the most profound and inspiring moments of my life.”

Their third EP, At the 426, was released October 1, 2013 and is an homage to their home/recording studio/band clubhouse. They have their own recording studio and practice facility in their basement, and the entire EP was mixed, mastered, recorded, and produced at 426 Studios. The imagery of the EP's covers pays tribute to the location (including the reflection in the porch lantern), and embodies the goal they set out when putting this EP together: honest, down-to-earth music with hard-hitting lyrics. "We really wanted to extend the sensuality of our last EP, Up and Up, with deeper, meaningful tunes to continue taking listeners on our musical and emotional journey," says vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA*. This EP is another series of dichotomies, those best shown by the evolution of the four new original songs showcased on At the 426. Opening with "Never Enough," the band helps every scorned lover finally get over their relationship. Following up with "One Love", the band helps the same scorned lover know there's hope for them. "Heart to Heart" accepts that we all have differences, but can we make them work? And "Run, Run" leaves no doubt. Of course, no Chaser Eight EP is currently complete without some version of their classic tune "Without Love."

Already playing to popular acclaim in their heavily attended live shows, these new tracks once again demonstrate guitarist/songwriter/producer Pat Walsh's acumen across all aspects of music-making and production, and feature *AUDRA*'s powerful and sultry vocals throughout. The At the 426 EP is building upon the success of the band's Up and Up EP and once again demonstrates that this quintet's talent is a force to be reckoned with as they continue their journey in 2014 and beyond. 


At the 426 - front cover
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