About Loa House

“It’s one thing to kill a man, another to bury him alive” croaked the Voodoo Man.

But as Stephen King once said “sometimes they come back.”

The conception of the Loa House band mirrors the resurrection of the “Voodoo Love” character “Robert Lightning.” Yes, he’s the man up from the dead and as founding member and guitarist/storyteller Dave Willow explains: “creating the music to tell Robert’s story was inspired by a dream…I was dreaming the dead and Robert, whoever he was, compelled me to dig deeper, and tell his tale.”

In the Voodoo tradition, "Loa" is a collective term for "spirits." Loa House is "House of Spirits.

Dave Willow, Native American, from Chippewas of Rama First Nation, began unearthing the tale of Robert Lightning while undergoing a similar life transformation: Burying his father, dreaming of spirits, following the signs.

By summer 2012, the signs lead to enlisting the vocal talents of Pete “the Beast” Oppenheimer, son of opera singer Harold Oppenheimer. “Peter borrows heavily from the Dio/Ozzy style of singing adding a deep blues theatricality........rare in today’s singers,” adds Willow. “He is a powerful performer, critical for telling this story. I chose him to play Harlen Dixon, Robert Lightning’s nemesis and the one responsible for recruiting ‘The Voodoo Man’ to bury Robert alive."

Enter Andy Narsingh: Former bassist/vocalist from Heavens Fire and bassist/singer for Toronto’s “Boogie Men” is cast to play the “Voodoo Man” character. Andy joined in late 2012 tapping his R & B/rock roots to lay down the dark grooves characteristic of the Loa House sound. Willow adds: “Andy also brings a formidable vocal range and power, which provides more fuel to the mix, supporting Pete’s elaborate vocal arrangements.”

Along with Andy’s arrival, guitarist JT Harris, also a member of Heavens Fire, entered the fold. “Jimmy the Loud,” as Willow describes him, is the guitarist’s guitarist. “Yes he is an aggressive shredder, but he is also a very melodic and experienced studio musician with versatility which enables him to create the complex guitar textures that are evident on the ‘Voodoo love’ CD.”

By the summer of 2012, Mexican Drummer Alexis Von Kraven joined Loa house. “Alexis is a highly instinctual drummer, technically skilled session player and a highly sought after session player. I wanted a drummer who could play metal like a machine yet emulate the voodoo grooves that are embedded in tracks like ‘Voodoo Man.’ Alexis is THAT guy” Willow explains. Alexis’ credits include playing with Inner Turbulence, voted “Best Metal Album” in 2006 Independent Music Awards. Alexis has also played with Canadian acts: “Atlantis Blueprint” and “Mother’s Green.”

The “Voodoo Love” story speaks of the treachery of Harlen Dixon who buries his best friend Robert Lightning alive, to try and capture the love of Robert’s woman Jackalyn. To accomplish his aim, Harlen hires the “Voodoo Man” Raimond Valcour to weave a spell of black magic and ill intent. But things did not go as planned….

Loa House releases “Voodoo Love” January 27th 2013. Live performances will commence in spring 2013.

“See them LIVE before they’re dead”


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