“An exciting mix of electronic music with female vocals. Many songs are breathtaking pieces that make you connect with the music on another level.”

Matt Snell – Phase One Studios

"From the downbeat I knew there was something going on. That voice sends a frisson of excitement down my spine and the precise arrangements and intelligent lyrics make for a compelling package."

Jeff Wolpert – Phase One Studios

About Savage Peace

The stunning debut from Savage Peace, Justice (Sounds On Screen Inc.), dives into themes of love, loss, life, and death with dark sensuality. Their name evokes the powerful contrast of their creativity, raw emotionality set to sublime musicality. The Toronto, Ontario based synth-pop duo are masters at being gorgeously gloomy.

“I got a lot off my chest with this album, it was very cathartic. I wrote about things that have been on my mind for a while. The songs are very emotional,” says Davis Cremar.

Savage Peace is lyricist/composer Davis Cremar and lyricist/composer Tristan Teng with the mesmerizing vocals of featured singer Erin Hunt. The duo has garnered favorable comparisons to Goldfrapp, Bat For Lashes, Massive Attack,
Gem Club, Air, and Depeche Mode. Savage Peace stand out from many of their EDM contemporaries because of their ability to include imaginative arrangements, sophisticated vocal melodies, rich harmonic underlay, and striking textural contrasts within a pop context.

Prior to Savage Peace, Davis Cremar composed title themes and incidental music for over 230 episodes of award-winning and nominated documentary and children’s programs. He studied music in the University of Toronto’s music program. “When I met Tristan, I didn’t want anything to do with music. I was practicing law and had a good job. At the time, music made me unhappy, “ he says. The couple moved into together 6 months after they met. Upon merging their lives, Tristan became fixated on Davis’ music equipment and kept bugging Davis to show him the recording
program Logic. “One Sunday I was cranky with a hangover and said ‘Today is the day, here is one way to write a song,’” recalls Davis. In showing Tristan how to use Logic, the couple composed the song “Cable Star” and accidentally birthed Savage Peace.

Tristan brings a mathematical sense of symmetry and harmonic adventure to the creative partnership. He grew up an aspiring classical concert pianist but became disillusioned with that path. “I had issues in my teens and I felt I could escape them through trying to make my playing perfect. I came to the decision that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life trying to achieve technical perfection. I laid music aside for a bit, but it was always in back in my mind,” he explains.

Davis writes most of the lyrics and Tristan notes that he could easily have been a poet or novelist. “He has an ability to formulate an intricate world within a set of lyrics. He basically writes 95% of the lyrics, though I will occasionally
add something here or there,” Tristan reveals. Both men share in the music compositional process. “We work in separate rooms, though,” Tristan says, laughing.

When it came time for a singer, the two scoured Craigslist and found Erin Hunt. “I sang the demos originally, but we needed a real demo singer to solicit other potential singers to join the band,” says Davis. However, Davis and Tristan were so pleased with the results of working with Erin that those demos became the final tracks. Erin Hunt is an acclaimed recording artist in her own right, having worked with a slew of talented musicians such as Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga’s guitarist, former Esthero guitarist), Ron Saint Germain (world renowned mix engineer), Mark Plati (world renowned mix engineer), and David Williams (former keyboard player for Keisha Chante and Divine Brown), among others.

The seductive “Black-Eyed Raven” lures you in with delicately longing vocals and swirling electronic synths, the chorus sweetly releases the pent-up emotionality building during the hypnotic verse. The lyrics are both arousing and mystical. In the opening verse Hunt sings: I see you I feel you/In the dead of night/I found you/I fucked you/Little bird of the night/A kiss in the gloom…/My hands all over you…over you…The song will be perfectly paired with a video that evokes the ancient and ritualistic sensual overtones burning through the lyrics.

The majestic “The Dublin Rain” lays love and death bare against an elegantly essential music backdrop of keys, percussion, and redemptive vocal harmonies. Davis and Tristan are partners in creativity and in marriage. “I wrote most of the lyrics in an afternoon. I was afraid to play it for Tristan, though” Davis says. “A lot of times when I finish a song, and he comes home, I’m like a little dog all excited, ‘Listen to this!’ But for that one I was like, ‘You can’t look at me when I sing for you, turn your back.’ I was writing about him predeceasing me, it was very emotional.”

The transcendent and chilling instrumental, “Opus 1”, is beautifully somber. It features the gorgeously elegiac violin of concert violinist Marie Bérard (concertmaster of the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra).

Justice was meticulously written, produced, mixed, and mastered. During the album’s creation Davis would spend several hours simply reviewing, layering and/ or designing kick drum samples or vocal delay lines or synth patches. This care and attention to detail is lovingly stamped all over the album. Every aspect of the sound, from the fastidious arrangements to award-winning producer, engineer, mixer and editor Jeff Wolpert’s (Loreena McKennitt, Holly Cole, Jane Siberry, Cowboy Junkies and Great Big Sea) vibrant mixes to Bob Ludwig’s (Paul McCartney, Madonna, David
Bowie, Radiohead, Def Leppard, Nirvana) pristine mastering work combine to create an enchanting blend of pop electronica.

Acclaimed mix engineer Jeff Wolpert summed up his feelings of the Savage Peace mix sessions thusly: "From the downbeat I knew there was something going on. That voice sends a frisson of excitement down my spine and the precise arrangements and intelligent lyrics make for an entirely compelling package. The richness of the production provided me with a wealth of opportunity to put together the mixes. Davis and Tristan's dedication to excellence provided a freedom to explore and discover the music within the tracks. Killer sounds and grooves. I loved working on this project."

Davis and Tristan are restlessly creative, and with their debut complete, they are eyeing lusher pastures. “I want to work with an orchestra for the second album,” says Davis. Justice is a masterful inaugural release, announcing a promising career from highly distinctive artists.