Meredith O'Connor is an inspiration who has adopted a platform of anti-bullying and even incorporated that theme into some of her music

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She is the next big thing. "Celebrity" is so catchy

Daphne Vanessa, Illustriam PR

My favorite new artist, something about her is so relatable

Sole Harem, 3rd strike radio

She inspires and touches her audience, and wants to promote kindness like me!

Maria Krzeminski, ABC long beach anti bullying club founder

" this really stretches over quite a bit of musical territory. Each song has a unique and powerful identity. This is a great set of music"

G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal

"She has put her emotions and convictions on the line with this release, and in doing so she could very easily become an example to those searching for inspiration."

Alec Cunningham, Goodvibes Music Reviews

About Meredith O'Connor

Meredith O'Connor is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from New York. She has trained in classical, Broadway, and pop vocals, as well as theater and dance, and performed in professional and local productions including "Annie", "Grease", and "Little Shop of Horrors". Meredith loved to be on stage, and found her passion at a young age.

Unfortunately, at school she was ostracized because she didn't fit in, and faced harassment by other students. After spending much of her junior high and high school years being on the outside of the in crowd, (too tall, too skinny, too weird, no good at sports), in 2011 Meredith was "discovered" by a Miss Teen/ USA scout, and launched a successful modeling/acting/singing career. In 2012, she began production of an EP of her original songs with
Threshold Studios, which is soon to be released. Meredith's songs speak to young people who are deciding who they want to be. In "The Game" she seeks to inspire teens to be brave, and stand up for those who have been left out of the social hierarchy. "Celebrity" beautifully expresses her "prove them wrong" attitude when it comes to people who have treated you unfairly. Her music is edgy country-pop, a combination of Taylor Swift and Alanis Morisette.

Meredith also has a leading role in the upcoming independent film "Red-Headed Randy", an anti-bullying horror film, designed to get young people's attention. Her song, "The Game", will be featured on the soundtrack. Meredith is a member of "It gets Better" since 2010 and is an official advisor for the "reach out" magazine and online blog (reachout.com ) She makes herself available for speaking engagements to groups of young people, sharing her music and her story, and encouraging teens to be inclusive and tolerant of one another's differences.


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