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Lee Abramson -

Despite his disability of being wheelchair-bound with ALS, Lee has managed to create music using a unique, painstaking method. Utilizing a computer and music notation software, he is able to compose using one finger and a touch pad. Lee is no longer able to sing because of diminished lung capacity, but has found a way to “sing” using his own voice with the ModelTalker voice synthesizer. This technology gives Lee a bionic mouth that can speak more quickly than nature will allow, and sing impossibly high and low notes.


Adeele & Gentry -

"Carol of The Bells” is the debut single from Adelee & Gentry’s EP “Waiting For Christmas.” Produced by Jason Webb (LeAnn Rimes, Phil Vassar, Bebe Winans), “Waiting For Christmas” is a unique, robust, and dramatic holiday album that takes the listener on a journey where stunningly beautiful harmonies blend effortlessly with powerful strings and percussion. The EP is comprised of four beloved Christmas songs and one astounding original with a bonus unplugged track. The EP will be available for purchase November 6th on iTunes.


Pat Canavan -

Pat Canavan is an accomplished composer and singer with a vast catalogue consisting of over 300 titles in nearly every genre. Pat has written scores for radio and television commercials as well as award winning films. Over the course of his career Mr. Canavan has also been the front man for a variety of bands including U4EA, The Tundra, 600 and HERE. In addition to his formidable musical talents, Mr. Canavan is also an actor having made appearances in shows like “Twice in a Lifetime” and “Gavin Crawford’s Comedy Show”. The consummate performer, Pat is also the host of “Toaster Oven Chef”; a 90 second podcast airing on the Captive Network Channel with a monthly viewing audience of 1.5 million people.


Jodie Levinson -

Singer/songwriter Jodie Levinson, a native of the Garden State, has had a love for the performing arts for as long as she can remember. Jodie has worked with Producer Matt Pendergast (song remixer for artists including Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears & Ciara). Together, they recorded Levinson’s first single, “Matter of Taste,” co-written with Zack Schwartz, (whom she collaborated with on her 2010 full length album “In the City") and featuring him on guitar. Three years ago, Jodie began working with hit composer/producer Lisa Ratner (Barbra Streisand, Vanessa Williams & Dolly Parton). Most recently, Jodie switched gears to record her newest songs this past summer that she has developed with her band here in NYC over the past couple years. Levinson successfully raised nearly 5,000 dollars with the help of her fans. She called upon producer Brian Forbes @ the Gallery Recording Studio to help create the sound for her sophomore album. The four-song EP entitled "Strong Enough," is due to release this January 2013.


Doug Simmons & Glen Mitchell -

Doug Simmons and Glen Mitchell grew up together in Cumberland, RI, joining forces in the 3rd Grade because of their mutual admiration of the Beatles! Yeah - Ed Sullivan changed EVERYTHING! They were pretty much brothers from the start, living a street away from each other and spending most, if not all of their free time listening to and playing music and of course, sports. The mid-late 60’s was a great time to grow up in middle class America! They gigged in bars and nightclubs through their teens and early twenties, but growing families and the responsibilities of the world brought the dream to a slumber. But, Doug and Glen stayed the best of friends and discussed music, collaborated on some things and kept the flame alive. Today, at 50, the duo has harnessed the power of digital recording, the Internet, social networking and continued practice of their craft to begin writing and producing their own material, distributing CDs and individual songs on CD Baby, iTunes and getting decent airtime on Internet radio stations such as Jango.


The Phoenix Quartet -

The Phoenix Quartet, currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, is comprised of four classically-trained singers with uniquely matched vocal styles and timbres. Vocal music is an especially powerful form of communication that has a distinctive power to create community. Because of its melding of poetry and music, it has always had a place in all celebrations of life – to herald new life, mourn the passing of life, mark holidays and explore the human condition. The Quartet explores all areas of this medium, from Bach to Broadway, in the concert hall, at home soirees, and corporate and Holiday functions and is dedicated to the composing and arranging of music specifically for the vocal quartet.


Robby The Elf -

Robby The Elf is the world's first elf rapper. He is the innovator of a new genre called Christmas Crunk, combining hip-hop beats with the holidays; that is clean rap, yet jammingly entertaining. Robby's music is the first to detail this special occassion from an inside view. His music is influenced by The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, 2Pac, Heavy D, and Eminem. He used to work for Santa and once saved Christmas himself! Robby The Elf was born half-elf on his mama's side, raised in an elf colony called The North Side, located on the north side, of the south side, of Michigan. After saving the holidays, Santa challenged Robby to see what kind of impact an elf can have through music. Robby moved to the Upstate of South Carolina and has been recording there since. He released his debut album in 2008 titled The King of Christmas Crunk featuring the #1 hit on Soundclick.com, Magic From Elves. Since then, he has become a local holiday tradition regularly on local TV shows, Your Carolina and Scene on 7. He has worked with The Shriner's Hospital For Children in Greenville, SC, along with the YMCA and more. The title track was recorded with and donated to Chicora Voices. Robby wants everyone to hear his music so someday, every child each Christmas Eve, will also leave, a cookie for an elf.



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