"Inner Anarchist features exceedingly accessible and slick commercial pop music polished to perfection. Anyone who ever loved classic radio pop from the 1970s and 1980s is bound to fall in love with these tracks. Another exceptional album from an exceptionally brilliant band."


“A series of subtle delights that make for an understated but captivating whole.”


“Spins like a non-stop string of oughta-be hits.”


“Whose sound echoes with classic influences, and neatly balances the alt with the accessible.”

Music Connection

About Hiding in Public

“Hiding in Public subscribes to the long lineage of British pop songcraft, starting of course with the Beatles but also the Small Faces and Squeeze,” oozes Billboard and “displays the same unaffected yet sophisticated leaning of its predecessors.” The band features the soulful singing and tasteful guitar work of Jamie Moses. Jamie has been hiding in plain sight for years as one of the UK’s top sidemen having toured with Queen + Paul Rodgers, Mike & the Mechanics, and most recently Tom Jones. When not standing on stage at events such as the Queen’s Jubilee or Nelson Mandela’s 46664 concerts, he is Hiding in Public with veteran collaborators David Holland, Kevin Poree and John Tonks.

The band’s fourth album Inner Anarchist was recorded in London’s Berry Street Studio. Urbane alienation and dark humour are recurring themes backed by “singalong pop so smart and direct that you can’t help but fall in love with ‘em” (babysueTM). Hints of the Police can be heard in the reggae influenced “The Road To Happiness” and the masterful pop of “After Today”. Obsession is painted in strikingly different sonic colours in the delayed guitars and hooky chorus of “Torn Apart”; the stylish, poignant jazz pop of “Finished”; and the trippy, post-Beatles mania of “One Last Night”.

Existential dilemmas riddle the political, Jackson Browne inspired “Inner Anarchist”; the searching paradox of “Turned Out Right”; and the sarcastic power pop of “Going Places”. Hope springs eternal in the gospel-like retro punch of “Rise” and then gets overthrown in the surreal indie edge of “Swedish Tales” and “its singalong chorus which could get any pub crowd on its feet” (Music Connection). Inner Anarchist is packed with timely and timeless songs for lovers of sophisticated lyrics and vintage pop/rock.

Awards include:
- 1st Prize in the International Songwriting Competition (2008)
- Finalist in the Brit Writers’ Awards (2011)
- Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest (2009 & 2011)
- Finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition (2006)
- Honorable mention in Music Connection Top New Music Critiques of 2011

Radio play in the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and UK including live unplugged performances on BBC Radio.


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