"A story about life, nature, dreams, and following what you believe in. Who can’t get behind that?"

Dylan Gallagher - Indie Music Reviews

"Listening to the "Roots" the impression as if Beethoven played on an acoustic guitar."

Artur Chachlowski - MLWZ Radio - Krakow, Poland

"Only time will tell if Mr. Hunter will become a part of the major league in subgenre but this surely is a big step."

Prog Head - Magle International Music Forums

"Overall, this is a strong disc that should definitely please jam band fans. Many progressive rockers will find a lot to like here, too. Some fans of vocal jazz will even enjoy this. It’s an extremely strong album."

G. W. Hill - MusicStreetJournal.com

About Mr. Hunter

Mr. Hunter is a jamming rock band that travels the world spreading the message of liberty, freedom and love. Inspired by the vision of founder Chris Marcus, Mr. Hunter is a musical, emotional, and spiritual reflection of what was and could be again. The music speaks of the quest to become aware of our dreams and then chase after them. We could try to do it another way, but this just seemed like much more fun!

By believing in our dreams and ourselves, we can accomplish anything; we can create our own reality. And because the members of Mr. Hunter were put on this earth to share our gift of music we decided to turn this important message into a rocking soundtrack! The first result is our debut album The First Chapter, although as the title indicates this is just the beginning and the future shines even brighter.

Imagine a land where energy, freedom, and love were the code of value. A place where the unquestioned belief that we have the power to reach our destiny was all combined into one harmonious groove. The story is told through the language of music and we are excited that you have chosen to join us. Sometimes it’s hard to see the final destination, but then we realize that the best part is just enjoying the journey. We are excited to share this with you and the best is yet to come!


The first chapter