“When You Come Home, a collection of eleven literate and heartfelt folk/pop songs that have staying power.”

Wildy's World

“Her voice has a breathy, “live” quality to it, like she’s performing right in front of you. Very intimate, and very cool.”

Music Emissions

“Emily Herndon, in her forthcoming full-length debut as May Stands Still, refuses to play to the hushed fragility that’s become the folkie-ingenue stereotype — forcing us to hear her songs in a whole new way.”

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About May Stands Still

Emily Herndon is the lady behind the music of May Stands Still. She has introduced a new edge to folk music creating a sweet, quirky pop sound with traditionally folk instrumentation. Through the collaboration with a few extremely talented musicians, the sound developed was something truly special.

Emily’s poignant songwriting sets this music apart, which is evident in the EP “Matter of Time” released in the summer of 2010. Asha Sukumar and Emily produced May Stands Still’s first full-length album “When You Come Home,” due to release on November 1,2012 at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, 9PM.

Emily Herndon’s love of music began with her learning piano by ear at the age of 6. When her older sister decided to abandon an acoustic guitar under the bed, Emily claimed it as her own, quietly teaching herself chords and melodies at 12 years old. Emily grew up in Colorado, spending much of her teenage years as a closeted musician and songwriter. Her music stayed a secret for several years until, at the age of 16, she decided to debut her songs to friends and family. With glowing reviews in tow, she made the permanent move to San Diego, and then LA, to begin her musical career.

With inspirations ranging from Patty Griffin and The Weepies to Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne, Emily’s subtly powerful voice has placed her in listening rooms and venues all over the West Coast. A quiet soul reminiscent of young Joni Mitchell, she feels that “the best way to communicate emotion is through music; words aren’t always necessary to understand.”


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