“Awesome music!..You wanna go see him”

Joe Emer, Studio 10 (Fox Mobile, AL)

“Eric Erdman is a very talented singer / song writer / guitarist” Ben Harper"

Mithril’s Newsletter

“Eric really connects with his audiences through his high-energy stage presence and dynamic sound"

Army Captain Trevor Garrett (via ArmedForcesEntertainment.com)

“Erdman is an acoustic guitar player with magnetic stage presence and undeniable charisma”

Bonnie Bak, Bliss Magazine

About Eric Erdman

When the conditions are just right in South Alabama, a jubilee occurs along the banks of Mobile Bay. The waters virtually erupt with a harvest of seafood as the creatures lunge to the shore for more air. Singer/Songwriter Eric Erdman was born and raised along those shores and it seems as if he has that water in his veins. His songs are introspective but fun, quirky but accessible, profound and palatable but they all seem to have sprung up from that salty Mobile water.

Eric has performed his songs while serving as the lead singer for the funk rock band, The Ugli Stick, since 1999. The Ugli Stick's powerful live shows and unique songs have captivated audiences worldwide. They have performed 3 USO tours for the US Military overseas as well as released four albums and had their song "Put It On The Wood" used as the theme song for "Drag Race High" on the SPEED network. However it is obvious there has always been something more to Eric Erdman that had yet to rise to the surface. In 2012 he recorded his solo album, "My Brother's Keepers". This collection of brand new songs tells of love found, love lost, inspiration and desperation but more importantly it shows Eric Erdman's true essence as a songwriter and performer. When you hear "My Brother's Keepers" you get the feeling that conditions are just right for another jubilee….and this one will stretch much farther than the shores of Mobile Bay.


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