“Authentic expression, a breath of fresh air.”


“Green brings Rawness and originality to his craft that you can’t box”


“Chicago native delivers unique lyricism, signature confidence and playful humor”


“Green brings music the fast food artists don’t want to hear, music true artists want to hear and music that fans want and need to hear”


About Nick Carter Green

This sh*t is my life man, my dream. It's like having a kid... I would die for it like I'd kill for
it. I'm willing to do anything to make it a reality, you know? I'm hungry.
-Nick Carter Green

Born Nicholas Carter Green, Nick grew up under the more-than-watchful eye of his mother. Not allowed to listen to Hip-Hop and Rap, Nick was forced to find other ways to hear this forbidden music. Secretly borrowing friend’s albums and CD players, he couldn't help falling for the rhythmic melodies, in-your-face lyrics, beats, drum kits, and wordplay of artists such as Kanye West, T.I., Jay-Z, Eminem, etc. It wouldn't be long before he wanted to begin creating some rhymes of his own.

Nick began writing songs at the age of 8, and with the help of his grandfather, recorded his first demo at the age of 9, entitled Nick G, a CD of songs minus any beats. At this point in Nick’s young life, he had no intentions of becoming a Hip-Hop star; his passion was singing. What he did have was a love for the spotlight and all the attention and power that came with being center stage.

Months after the recording, a close friend turned Nick on to a new way of expression through music—Hip Hop. His childhood friend would recite rhymes in a way that Nick found appealing. Feeling like he could do the same, Nick began to challenge his friend in his own rhymes during friendly lyrical battles. Before long Nick had stacks of notebooks filled with his own lyrics. Once the new found hobby took hold, it was apparent Nick had no intentions of letting it stop at after school rap sessions. Consumed by this new form of music, Nick wrote every chance he got, including in the class room. Teachers took notice of his distraction and made calls to his mother that he was spending his time writing what they considered was not age appropriate material. But this didn’t stop Nick from pursuing his new passion and one day sharing the spotlight with the likes of his inspirations such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, to name a few.

Over the next five years a young Nick would write and record countless tracks and mixtapes while sharpening and honing his lyrical craft. Rise to Power,The.Other.Carter, Showcase, Mr. Carter, and The Sampler are just a few of the titles that came out of what he calls, "…my emancipation era." Line after line, Nick relentlessly showed his audience that he was maturing as both a budding artist and a lyricist. It was evident this unknown teenage rapper was becoming more and more extraordinary. At the age of 17, Nick begins production of his next mixtape, but this time it's different. Days after the release of Lil' Wayne's No Ceilings, Nick goes into a writing frenzy, fueled by what he would consider one of his biggest inspirations. He sets a goalof four songs a day, no more, no less, and he challenges himself in a battle of quantity without jeopardizing his quality. Recording for the first time at a different studio, Nick took himself out of his usual comfort zone to further challenge his skills as a writer. Song after song his tracklist adds up, and with 40 songs completed in just less than 10 days, Nick begins the selection process. With the tracks completed down to the skits, and very little rest, Nick pays homage to Lil Wayne and titles his newest mixtape No Sleeping.

Nick would go on to release two thousand copies of his mixtape and found a new popularity in Chicago. Recognized on the streets as “the No Sleeping boy,” Nick was overwhelmed with his new found fame. After pouring his heart and soul into his latest musical venture, the fruits of his labor paid off profoundly, much to his surprise. He goes on to say, “ …I still didn't think it was going to blow up like it did. I mean everything changed after it dropped. People I had never met in my life either knew my name or knew I was the kid on the cover of the No Sleeping CD." The perfect blend of accredited industry beats, outstanding audio production, and his signature hilariously clever metaphors, it shouldn't have been hard to predict this mixtape would be a hit compared to its competition. Nick still considers this his most glorified release ever. Four more mixtapes have since come to be, including the follow ups No Sleeping II, No Sleeping III, and The Future Of Sound II, a collaboration mixtape with fellow Chicago artist G-Yunggin'. Nick recently received his biggest success to date after signing with Chicago based upstart Zuma Records, a subsidiary of Zuma Entertainment. Upon signing, he released his first video to World Star Hip Hop, a remix to Drake’s “Headlines” which garnered over 4 million views within the first twenty four hours of posting. Nick’s “Headlines” remix would rival established hip hop artist Ace Hood for views and would eventually reach over 5.3 million views less than 48 hours of release.

Nick toggles residency between his hometown and Los Angeles, California as he undergoes artist development and preps for his first original single release from his XIX mixtape, currently available for download at his official website www.NickCarterGreen.com. With over 650 songs, 15 mixtapes, and a video released why not slow down and enjoy being a teenager? Nick simply responds, “Well, in the words of Wale, They're some workers... We're some workaholics."


Nick carter green (10photos
Nick carter green (10photos