"If he continues to make albums like this, Jesse Terry should find himself ensconced in the forefront of Americana, where themes realistic and romantic hold sway. The equal weight given to his acoustic guitar and electric exemplify that approach, and shore up a strong debut."

Rick Allen, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Like forbears John Prine and Mark Germino and recent risers Mindy Smith and Jeremy Lister, Terry is a pop-folk troubadour whose style suits the coffeehouse rather than the Grand Ole Opry. A Berklee College of Music grad, he brings a sophisticated melodic touch to his tender musings about love and finding his place in the world."

Michael McCall, Nashville Scene

"Jesse Terry is one of the premier song writers of our generation, channeling a culmination of legendary influences… The songs are all easily relatable stories, drawing the listener in and keeping their attention through a delivery that is both powerful and moving. I’m excited about this record and I see big things in the future for Jesse Terry, not only because of his masterful song writing but because he is a really honest and sincere guy. I believe that his drive, his talent, and his countenance will pave his road to success."

Cardinal Playlists

"Jesse Terry was a highlight of our festival. As headliner, he won over crowds at the Hideaway Cafe. As a house concert performer, he inspired several new hosts and thrilled the audiences that came to see him. In a business that often shows our flaws, Jesse brings nothing but strength to the stage... songs, voice, personality, and musicianship."

Fran Snyder, founder of Listening Room Festival and ConcertsInYourHome.com

"...you know you have hit upon a true star when an acoustic simple set can have you wanting more. Jesse Terry has done just that with his raw emotion, exquisite vocals and prime plucking on his guitar."

Bring Me Up (http://scrink.com/)

"Empty Seat On A Plane is a charmer of an album and one well worth falling for… (Jesse Terry) comes across with a supple sound, one that's both delicate and alluring and while still suggesting an intrinsic element. He's an artist with potential staying power."

Lee Zimmerman - No Depression

"Take a little bit of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Paul Simon and you get some idea of what singer-songwriter Jesse Terrysounds like. The folk/pop music that Jesse Terry creates feels right at home when played alongside the music of any of the aforementioned musicians... Each song on the album has a certain beauty to it and shows off the writing ability Terry as the songs for this album have been arranged with simplicity that will many will find appealing. From the first song to the last, Empty Seat on a Plane will finally give Jesse Terry the album needed to make him a household name."

Matheson Kamin

About Jesse Terry

On July 10th critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Jesse Terry released his most courageously emotional music, Empty Seat on a Plane. Immediately upon release, the new record was featured on iTunes’ Discover This and New and Noteworthy pages. “Songwriting is a healing force for me. I've used it to talk about my turbulent childhood, and to express emotions about love, loss, and hope. Songwriting saved my life—I was in a dark place before it found me,” the NYC-based troubadour reveals. Terry refined his songcraft at Berklee College Of Music, where he studied songwriting and performance. Two months after graduation, he landed a plum gig as a staff songwriter for a respected publishing house in Nashville, and dove into Music City’s vibrant local scene.

Terry’s intimate and evocative Americana has been favorably compared to Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, Paul Simon and James Taylor. Cardinal Playlists recently said: “Jesse Terry is one of the premier songwriters of our generation, channeling a culmination of legendary influences into one marketable package.” Melodic.net praised his music as “heartfelt songs that are both timeless and enchanting.” Terry was recently selected to showcase as one of The New Music Seminar’s Top 100 “Artists On The Verge.” He has won the grand prize in several international songwriting competitions, including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the CMT/NSAI Songwriting Competition, the Ourstage.com 2012 Finals and is currently a finalist in the prestigious Mountain Stage NewSong Contest. His debut record was licensed to 9 major television shows, including MTV's The Hills and The City. Terry’s latest, Empty Seat on A Plane, has been completely fan-funded through PledgeMusic. The venerated Tommy Boy Records chose Empty Seat on a Plane’s “Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head” to appear on an internationally-released compilation of promising new talent, released on June 19th.

Upon moving to Nashville, Terry quickly became a mainstay at legendary local clubs like The Bluebird Cafe and Third and Lindsley before branching out. In the last two years Terry has opened for Darrell Scott (a charter member of Robert Plant’s Band of Joy), Tony Lucca, Tyler Bryant, Ernie Halter and Rachel Platten. He’s been a featured performer at prestigious festivals such as The 30A Songwriters Festival, The Plymouth Folk & Blues Festival, Cape May Singer/Songwriter, and The New Jersey Folk Festival. He has shared festival stages with the likes of Mat Kearney, Shawn Mullins, Dar Williams, David Wilcox, Rodney Crowell and Lori McKenna. In 2011, Terry, and his full band, had the honor of performing for the U.S. and NATO troops stationed at Thule Air Base in Greenland. That same year he fearlessly went on an eight-month self-booked national tour. Jesse is honored to be officially endorsed by Stonebridge Guitars International and L.R. Baggs pickups. Stonebridge is a hand-made boutique guitar line from the heart of Europe. He joins the ranks of world-class Stonebridge artists, such as Hall of Famer Thom Bresh, Richard Smith, Eddie Ferris (Ricky Skaggs) and Jon Conley (Kenny Chesney).

Writing Empty Seat on a Plane was a rewarding introspective time for Terry. “I was coming into my own as a touring artist, and really finding my voice,” he explains. “I was becoming more confident, trusting myself, being more honest, personal, and transparent.” His sophomore outing is a graceful and impactfully sparse collection of well-crafted Americana with subtle, rustic atmospherics and imaginative arrangements. The effect is pro songcraft originating from a deeply personal and soulful source.

“We wanted to catch the natural vibe and emotion of these songs,” Terry says of recording Empty Seat On A Plane. “It was a very open and creative process.” The album was tracked by esteemed Nashville producer/engineer Neilson Hubbard (best known for his work with Kim Richey, Glen Phillips, Matthew Perryman Jones, and Amy Speace). The purity of the production aesthetic aptly reflects the wide-eyed feeling of self-discovery running through the lyrics. Tracks like “Empty Seat On A Plane” tenderly spell out the transformative effects of finding your soul-mate. While tracks like “Coyotes” and “Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head” powerfully detail strength in self-awareness and having the confidence to live optimistically.

The stunning “Scared Of Nothing” details Terry’s growth and courage to hit the road and take the reins of his career during his 2010 eight-month tour. “I played anywhere and everywhere, and that laid down a lot of groundwork. But getting through that first period as a touring artist was daunting, staring at the blank calendar, thinking ‘Where am I going to go? How do I sell myself? How do I book myself?’” he says of his initial challenges. “’Scared of Nothing’ really sums up the last two years of my life,” Terry says reflectively. “It's about taking a leap of faith, even when the path ahead is unclear. I realized that you only need to know where you're going. You don't need to know the exact road that will take you there—the path starts becoming clearer once you hit the road.”


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