"A true poet, Wonder’s wandering lyrics will make you wonder as he articulates keen observations of disregarded societal flaws, speaking to a degenerating generation on ‘My Thesis’.."

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About Nicholas Wonder

This is hip hop music. Done the way hip hop’s pioneers intended it to be done. Hard beats and introspective lyrics that stand for something. This is where hip hop started and where hip hop is going…

One of Cleveland Magazine’s Most Interesting People in Cleveland, Nicholas Wonder is the vocalist for the internationally renowned hip hop/funk band Vitium. The band released the 2009 debut album ‘Oxygen Planet’ on Goon Trax Records in Japan. Vitium is featured on the popular compilation series ‘In Ya Mellow Tone’ in Japan.

Fresh off numerous features on three albums reaching number one on the Japan Itunes Hip Hop Chart, and the hit single ‘Never Looking Back’ (re:plus remix) which reached #3 on the Japan Itunes Hip Hop Singles Chart, Nicholas Wonder released his debut solo album ‘My Thesis’ in late 2010.

Nicholas Wonder’s latest EP, The Heartbreak Avenger, deals with every aspect of losing the love of your life. Every emotion, nightmare, and thought is captured on The Heartbreak Avenger. The EP features the double video for the singles ‘The Breakup Song’ and ‘Pretty Girl’.


Vitium – Oxygen Planet (Goon Trax/Media Factory, Japan 2009)
Nicholas Wonder - My Thesis (2010)
Nicholas Wonder – The Heartbreak Avenger (2012)

In Ya Mellow Tones 4 - Never Looking Back – Re:Plus feat. Nicholas Wonder (Goon Trax/Media Factory)
Re:Plus ‘Everlasting Truth’ - Never Looking Back feat. Nicholas Wonder (Goon Trax/MediaFactory)
In Ya Mellow Tones 5 – With You – Nicholas Wonder feat. Maclyn Lucille (Goon Trax/MediaFactory)
Soulchef ‘Escapism’ – Away With Me feat. Nicholas Wonder and First Class feat. Nicholas Wonder (Goon Trax/Media Factory)
Hope for Tomorrow - All We Got Is Us feat. Thomas Prime, Jas Mace, Nieve, Nicholas Wonder Alexander The Phatos ‘Phatosism’ – Walk On By, Walk On By remix, Dreamer (Goon Trax/Media Factory)
Re:Plus ‘Ordinary Landscape’ – Fading Red – feat. Nicholas Wonder (Goon Trax/Media Factory)


The heartbreak avenger cover
Terminal tower 049