"Despite her youth, she already accomplished so much: got her masters, worked as a model, and is developing her music career, combining it with education. She's a perfectionist, and that's one of the reasons her art made such an impact on the jury."

International Contest "Songs Sung By The Heart", winning "Best Performance" award

"Alona won our hearts with her natural beauty and inner light"

MINI women's magazine

"Ability to be different is crucial for an artist, and Alona's tender and at the same time bold personality lets her easily pull off any look".

Christina Bykova, fashion and beauty editor, "Hubert Burda Media"

"If there is a spark of God in every talented person, then Alona has a flaming bonfire of a thousand sparks, and the heart of it is her voice."

Christina Kotsurenko

About Alona Raevska

She says her music is a tool to better the world. While such a statement might be suspect with anyone else, with Alona Raevska we are forced to consider that she has real grounds to make such a promising claim. With beauty that parallels a bright intellect, what impresses the most at first glance is that Alona has laid a strong foundation beneath all her artistic achievement with an impressive scholastic pedigree. She earned a BA in International Relations (graduating at the top of her class), and earned a Masters degree in Information Analysis. Alona also attended music school.

At home almost anywhere on the globe, Alona is multilingual. She speaks her native Russian, Ukrainian, English, and French. The history of Alona's noble lineage has instilled her with the sense of dignity and passion for excellence. This is an impressive start, and yet, it is only a start.

Alona's amateur musical career began in the spotlight as a singer with the band Dorogi (pop-rock-jazz). She sang backup for Ukrainian pop-rock star Maria Burmaka, an association that put Alona on major stages and before large crowds including the Song of the Year Awards and the international Tavriyskie Igry Open-air Fest before an audience of thousands 20k+ in attendance. She was also part of an all girl band (Ukraine and the US).

In 2007, Alona Raevska won the prize for Best Performance in the international contest Songs Sung by the Heart and was a finalist in The Miss Music Ukraine. After winning the TV music contest American Chance in LA (also aired in the Ukraine on one of the major TV channels), Alona considered a professional music career. Her success on American Chance was the catalyst that brought her to the US. Alona is the first Ukrainian artist to record an album in Nashville, TN.

As the inspired often are, Alona is multitalented, skilled in drawing, painting, photography, and design (clothing, accessories, and interiors) . She has been employed as an acting talent for commercials and magazines, a journalist and TV anchorperson (Ukrainian governmental English-language news), and was a journalist for an English-language magazine, What s On. Alona is tenacious when it comes to the preservation of nature, animal rights, ecology, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. An adventure-lover, Alona takes every opportunity to travel. She enjoys extreme sports, and is a professional scuba diver.

Alona has emerged as a formidable solo artist. She currently has five cover songs in rotation in Ukraine, and has had a number of singles there as well. Her latest CD, Conversations With My Soul, was produced in Nashville by Grammy winner Joe Beck. The music video for her first single, A Little Longer, was shot by SmallBox Entertainment Group in Huntsville, AL. The music displays Alona s writing and performance talent with a wide contrast of emotions both soft and tough, tender and gritty. The general style is pop rock, but each song has a slightly different feel. Like the artist, the album is multifaceted in emotions and moods, inspired by life itself.


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