“Opening with ‘Pornstar’ and ‘Late Nights’, Amy Meredith front-man Christian Lo Russo and co. demonstrated why he and his band have come so far in just a few years… they’re a splendid live act. It was hard to get around the danceability and play-it-like-you-mean-it abandon of Amy Meredith’s live show, with even people at the very back near the bar moving their feet as they tried not to spill their drinks… Amy Meredith are catchy, polished, energetic and can command the undivided attention of tweens, which is quite an achievement.”

Drum Media

“The set was exhilarating all the way, as all songs were sung with great passion... The favourite was hit song ‘Lying’ which had its audience singing along. Lo Russo sounded a perfect pitch with the rest of the band. Not only is he an excellent singer, he is an excellent performer: dancing, singing, and charming the audience with witty breaks of conversation: the perfect front man. The rest of the band were equally as charming – sharing the lime light across the stage.”

Faster Louder

“Their set… was hard to fault… The five piece Sydney band put on a performance to impress, playing songs nonstop to their over-enthusiastic audience. The lead singer performed theatrics, jumping from the top of the drums to the side of the stage as he serenaded the love struck crowd. As the songs rolled on, the crowd went wild dancing like maniacs. As the crowd danced, the band responded, becoming even more larger than life. Lo Russo seemed to recognise his power, conducting the audience to jump and clap at his command.”

The Dwarf

“Sydney band Amy Meredith were first to hit the stage, and got the crowd warmed up straight away with their infectious brand of rock-pop… Keep an eye out for this band, they are impressive to see live.”

The AU Review

About Amy Meredith

Amy Meredith are a 5 piece indie-pop band from Sydney, Australia. They are renowned for their highly charged and energetic live performance and playful creative aesthetic. Having broken in Australia in 2o11 through building a remarkable bond with their fans, extensive touring and strong radio support, the band are ready to focus on the US in 2012.



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