“Artists like Ed Hale have a genuine concern for those suffering in the world and he does everything he can to reach and assist those in need. One of the best vehicles today to reach the masses in a positive way is through music.”


“Intimate yet endearing, these songs of the street offer an eloquence all their own.”

Lee Zimmerman, Blurt Magazine

"What separates the best from the rest is a diverse taste in music. And Hale has an insatiable appetite for all things musical."

South Florida Sun- Sentinel-Jason Knapfel

"lush, original, bland, well-crafted, perverted, mildly entertaining, and hauntingly familiar yet futuristic."

Washington Square News-Meera Subramanian

About Ed Hale

Singer, songwriter, rockstar, recording artist, author, activist, populist blogger, controversial YouTube star and general raconteur Ed Hale is a hard man to keep up with. Affectionately called “The Ambassador” by friends and fans the world over, Hale was originally introduced to the world at the tender age of 17 as Eddie Darling when his debut album Eddie was released. He may be best known now as the lead singer and guitarist of the popular Brit-pop/Modern Rock group ED HALE AND THE TRANSCENDENCE; or for his latest hit single “New Orleans Dreams” from his current solo album Ballad On Third Avenue. Hale records and releases albums and tours both solo and with the band Transcendence. He is currently signed to the Dying Van Gogh record label, as is the group Transcendence, who’s newest album All Your Heroes Become Villains will be released later this year on November 15th.

“Still finding myself obsessed with a quiet secret subtle and almost constant gnawing at my insides about the unbearable sadness of how impermanent everything is. Our lifetimes are short here. I remind myself that it is up to me to find meaning while I am here. I try to live my life to its fullest and even then I cannot shake the deep underlying knowing that they are all just moments lived and then soon forgotten. Where is the meaning in that?”
-Ed Hale, from his blog The Transcendence Diaries


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