“Bekay has the sickest metaphors an punchlines”


"Witch comparisons to Big L, Big Pun, Triple Seis and Eminem, Bekay continues his journey to hip hop stardom with each catchy mixtape verse and every jam-packed club appearance"


"Great track, great shots at everyone, fun music, go bekay go bekay! "


"Bekay is best for his one liners, as he expresses his comical side, generating line after line of clever wordplay."


"His versatility and writing talents are impeccable and can not be denied."


"Wheter you're from Brooklyn, Boston, Boise or Belem, Bekay has got some hip-hop shit that you've been hungering for whether you knew it or not"



Brooklyn’s hottest underground Hip-Hop superstar is making noise once again, creating a stir throughout the local scene with the release of his most adventurous LP to date. It dropped December 20, 2011, Bekay’s Livin’ My Dream is yet another impressive declaration from this New York City phenomenon, featuring a collection of tracks which threatens to launch the determined artist to the next level of popularity.

A true child of the Hip-Hop culture, Bekay began inking rhymes by the age of ten, drawing from his difficult upbringing as a white Jewish kid living on Nostrand Avenue in the '90s. While staring defiantly into the face of rejection and ridicule, the ambitious young lyricist continued to hone his skills, eventually becoming a respected veteran of local rap battles throughout the city.

With years of experience and a hardened attitude, Bekay slowly became an influence around the Five Boroughs, eventually joining indie label Coalmine Records and releasing a number of fiery rap albums.

His impressive resume has ballooned over the past decade, featuring a number of appearances on radio, television and inside some of New York’s hottest clubs. Bekay’s tracks have received airplay on the city’s most popular Hip-Hop station, Hot 97 as well as Z100, and he was featured in XXL Magazine as an underground pick of the month for his single “The Raw” which featured Inspectah Deck and Saigon. He also appeared on BET’s 106th and Park, MTV’s MC Battle, and was one of 25 finalists competing for a spot on Making the Band, which he was forced to drop due to contractual obligations.

Livin’ My Dream, released by Bekay's original label, TSOB Records, features an innovative cover of Paul McCartney’s “Open the Door (Let ‘Em In).” Also on the track list is a stunning remix of “Where Brooklyn At?,” which was originally recorded in 2004 with Old Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.) as one of the final songs the iconic New York rapper appeared on before he passed away. “Grab Someone” also graces the record, and was recently featured as a Don King Fight Promotion song.

With comparisons to Big L, Big Pun, Triple Seis, and Eminem, Bekay continues his journey to Hip-Hop stardom with each mixtape verse and every jam-packed club appearance. He currently has over a dozen records and singles available on iTunes, and Livin’ My Dream has joined the collection on December 20, 2011.


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