You party like a rock star!

Club Owner, 20mm (Switzerland)

I've never seen a DJ that connects so nicely to the crowed…and signs CD´s to new fans after only a 2 hour set!

Alexander Pereira, Event Organizer, Lust Magazine (Portugal)

Everything about this song is cool…sounds out of this world, awesome!


Your set is amazing and I love it! You´ve saved my night….keep this up!


About Miss Diamond DJ

Find wherever Miss Diamond DJane is playing and you’re there.

With a talent born of passion, originality and the vibrant party atmosphere of South America, Miss Diamond DJ is the life of any party. Always deeply involved in music, Miss Diamond found an outlet for self-expression in the DJ art that drew her away from a successful legal career. She’s never looked back, as she brings beauty and glamour back to the dance floor night after night.

Miss Diamond is an international superstar in the making; she’s already become an in-demand VIP female DJ for VIP guests and her mixes are played regularly on radio stations around the world. There is no other DJ, female or male, quite like her in the world. Distinctly original, Miss Diamond’s strong female sensuality connects with party-goers on a personal level, and explains why they crowd the DJ booth at the end of the night looking for a mix CD, an autograph, or just a moment to be near Miss

Miss Diamond knows no boundaries, whether social, national or cultural. Her ability to read a crowd is unique, and her personal and professional experience on the international level allows her to create the perfect party atmosphere. For Miss Diamond it’s always about the guests, no matter the size of the crowd. The carefree happiness of a Brazilian dance floor follows wherever she goes.

Miss Diamond not only performs at the highest level, she also presents the Ministry of Sound DJ Academy in Switzerland. There she teaches the next generation of DJs and DJanes the cutting edge blend of sound and performance that transforms a good DJ into a great one, and a great DJ into a superstar.

It’s easy to understand why Miss Diamond has been voted the #1 female DJ on both ReverbNation.com and TheDJList.com. She’s real, and she creates true moments through her unique blend of talent, passion and innovation. Miss Diamond always strives to find the perfect vibe, and she’s not afraid to try new things. Watch and listen and be amazed. An evening spent with Miss Diamond isn’t just a party; it’s an experience your guests will never forget.


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