“The best compliment I can give this music is that it’s the kind of non-classic rock stuff made today that I would actually go out and pay money for!"


“Done with less of an assembly line product in mind....and more with a series of stories that are very necessary to get out, or else the singer will explode and go down in flames."



DJ from LA Radio singing competition

Charity Chapman's stellar voice 'is as uplifting as a choice of religion.'


About Charity Chapman

Charity Chapman may not be a household name yet but her music has been heard by millions of people worldwide. The versatile singer/songwriter’s music has been licensed many times. Her song “If I Could Fly” was in The X Factor US, The X Factor UK and Ugly Betty. She’s had other song placements in the final season of the Oprah Winfrey Show and many films.

Described by fans as the Cowboy Junkies meets Sheryl Crow with a little Train thrown in for color, Charity’s lyrics are often emotional, sometimes hilarious, but the melodies always sing. The classically trained Los Angeles resident told her parents at age four that she would be a singer and she hasn’t looked back since.

Charity released her first solo work in 2000, the aptly titled Butterflies with Chainsaws. The pop/rock long player was critically acclaimed, receiving rave reviews from writers and fans alike.

It did not take long for many in the music industry to recognize Charity’s special gifts. In a short time period she was selected as one of twelve up-and-coming singer/songwriters invited to participate in ASCAP's exclusive Pop Songwriting Workshop. She was also a finalist in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the Great American Song Contest and the Garth Brooks Tribute Songwriting Contest.

After tearing down venues all over Los Angeles, Charity took her onstage presence and bottled it into a CD in the form of her sophomore release, Worship Live. “I Love the feeling of standing on a stage and getting something out that has meaning to me and singing it well,” says Charity. The rockin’ Contemporary Christian album properly showcased Charity’s voice while providing worship music that also entertains.

However, Charity would see her most acclaim as a solo artist with the release of the Gordon the Northern EP. Although it only features three songs, those tracks hit home with listeners all over and it’s not hard to tell why. Charity calls the lead track “If I Could Fly” the most emotional song she’s ever written. The song also connected with Hollywood, as it was featured on the Re-release of Felicity (2011) and the made-for-television movie Everything You Want.

Unfortunately for Charity the next few years would be the roughest of her life.

During this time she suffered from Hyperemeis Gravidarum, a disease that caused a near death experience during the pregnancy of her two children. She was forced to endure it not once, but twice. Thanks to the discovery of an experimental drug, the risk taking Charity and her babies returned to full health.

After enduring such hardships and bouncing back in what could only be described as a miracle, Charity promised herself that her music would reflect what she had overcome. “I decided I was writing too many sad songs and I was gonna write happy songs if it killed me,” she says. The result was “I Feel Fine,” which was released in early 2011.

After a five-year break from making music and rocking stages, Charity plans to release two more singles in the very near future. With such talent and perseverance it is clear that she was truly born to sing.