“…an amazing talent. One of the brightest I have heard in a long time.”

Wayne Thompson (former manager of Harry Belafonte, Tanya Tucker and The Nylons)

“…absolutely amazed at what my ears were hearing. His voice is stunning and flows like near perfection.”

Eric John McLaughlin (Radio Ella Bella)

“I have one word for "Lullabyes Baby"... "wow!" The song from beginning to end was amazing”

All Indie Magazine

About Zaccheri Gray

“Mommy. Where does music come from…?”

For Zaccheri Gray, it all started with cool Canadian breezes, crackling fire, three generations of his family and lithe, brisk Neapolitan songs dancing about. Zaccheri would spend afternoons as a youth humming, strumming and clapping along as his Italian grandfather crooned old arias and his father played his guitar and sang classic American folk songs. This is where Zaccheri became mused by verse, by song — by the power and life in all kinds of music.

His primary musical influence was, and always will be, his father. Since before he can remember, his father would serenade him with his guitar — filling the room and Zaccheri’s head with a true love of music.

Even with such an early, carefree love for playing guitar and penning songs, the road would get harder for Zaccheri. After a debilitating illness, he found himself in the hospital. It was here, with nothing more to do than ponder his past and his future, that he decided that music had turned from something he wanted to do into something he needed to do. Needed. And he was off on this magical, musical, lyrical journey.

Zaccheri wrote. Sang. And entertained practically anyone who would listen and honed his unique talent to literally pick up an audience and take them along with him. Today, with musical interests that range from Dylan to Bocelli to Tool to Sinatra, Zaccheri’s from-the-heart style and harmonic rhythms have garnered him a growing following throughout North America and one pretty proud father back home.


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