“Returning recently to Southwest Michigan from California, this singer-songwriter delivers crystalline vocals on ukulele-grounded, folk-inspired, homey tunes.”

John Sinkevics, Music Columnist for Grand Rapids Press

Susan Picking is a talented and passion driven singer/songwriter whose work is driven by warmth and spirituality. She has always aspired to becoming a singer and in the program provides a deep and emotional story of her journey. From Lake Michigan to Long Beach California, her love for life brings the essence of an extraordinary individual’s perseverance for success and happiness to those enjoying her melodies.

David Gibbons Broadcaster, Interviewer for program “ In Discussion”

Engaging, funny, talented Susan Picking makes you feel like she's singing to just you.

Tom Dustman, Professor of Vocal Jazz Long Beach CIty College

”I met Susan in the bar of the Isle Ornsay Hotel on the Isle of Skye a couple of years ago where a local musician was strumming his guitar. Susan asked if she could sing along and soon enchanted everyone present with her renditions of some Scottish songs. This CD is clearly a different genre but the purity of Susan's voice and her fine musicianship are no less enchanting. The songs are evocative and merit close listening. Their sentiments are eternal and will resonate widely.”

Fan CD Review

“For the lovers of soulful lyrics, and a emotion you can almost feel through the headphones. Her writing in each song tapped into a different period and lesson in my own experience. Susan moves effortlessly from folk, to blues/jazz, to blue-grassy bop. Congrats to Susan- I loved it. Sideways is an absolutely beautiful track and The Constant Light is wonderful driving music. Feels Good features beautiful horns and reminds me of a soundtrack to a movie...”

Fan CD Review

About Susan Picking

Geographical Background (From whence she came):

Susan Leigh Picking (SLP) is a Midwestern gal with Pacific Western cool. She moved from her native Michigan to California some 15 years ago via a circuitous path. She studied in Nurnberg, Germany as an exchange student, Earned a BA in Broadcast Journalism from The University of Wisconsin, and spent several years on the slopes of Colorado. Susan instructed skiing in the Rocky Mountains at Copper Mountain Ski Resort. Her love of the slopes and passion for travel sent her to the Southern Hemisphere chasing winter on the South Island of New Zealand. She landed in Long Beach California using it as her home base in between trips as a flight attendant. A year ago Susan transitioned back to Grand Rapids Michigan with a hip and vibrant arts, culture, and music scene.

Music Background:

On arrival in Southern California she found the inspiration to explore her musical self. As a youth Susan began studying piano and cello. It wasn’t until her move out west that she discovered her voice. She continued piano studies and began to study voice privately under local Long Beach vocal instructors Karen McLain and Ellen Johnson. Her music studies brought her to the Commercial Music program at Long Beach City College earning certificates in Songwriting and Vocal Performance. This musical immersion confirmed Picking’s life passion of music.

Picking’s Irish heritage drew her to Celtic music and the study of Sean Nos singing- traditional acapella singing. She has studied with Krysia Kocjan-Haber, Lillis O Laorire, and Moira Smiley. Being a part of the L.A. Irish music scene she sang in the Celtic Band Crannog. Picking will pull out the Bodhran (Irish drum) for such events. She has performed at The Taste of Encino, The Summer Solstice Festival (California Traditional Music Society), The Library Concert Series in San Juan Capistrano, Southern California Dulcimer Heritage Harvest Festival, and with the Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra.

In recent years Picking has made her name proud by learning to play, pick, and strum the ukulele. She has added this instrument to her musical repertoire with her own unique musical stylings.

Most recently her musical studies have drawn her to Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. She performs at Holistic Health and Self Empowerment Conferences around the globe. Music is a transformative lyrically, melodically, and vibrationally. Music can transport you to another time and place, retrieve memories, and shift moods. She frequently pairs with inspirational speakers providing background and inspirational music for meditation, hypnosis, holistic healing, yoga, and self empowerment recordings as well as workshops.

Music Style (The Genre Question Unanswered):

Susan has received praise for her moving melodies and stirring lyrics which reflect a deep soul. Susan’s songs are about life, but not as we usually think of life. She cajoles the listener to see the quirky underbelly. Her wistful wit comes through a voice rich with lovely cadences, one might even hear a hint of an Irish lilt. Susan Picking is influenced by 70’s folk rock.....with the likes of Carole King, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Billy Joel, and Joni Mitchell. Susan Picking on the piano, has been likened to Carole King, Natalie Merchant. Sarah Sarah McLachlan, and Norah Jones. On the Uke you might draw likeness in style to Patti Griffin, Alison Krause, or Celtic singer Niamh Parsons. Her arrangements are Americana influenced .......based in folk, pop, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and maybe even a little celtic. Fitting nicely into the vague category of Independant Artist, Contemporary Folk, Singer/Songwriter.


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