“Fresh!....Arthur has a unique creative approach in his music.”

Grammy Award winning producer Bil Vorndik (Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Doc Watson, Mark O'Connor)

“This guy exudes musical magic!”

Steve Szymanski, V.P. of Bluegrass 
(Promoters of Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Rocky Mountain Folks Festival)

"Lee Land is one of those guys with so much natural talent his jaw-dropping virtuosity seems effortless."

John Farmer, Frontier Airline's Wild Blue Yonder Magazine

"...fresh musical innovation....Lee Land is moving and captures my imagination." 

Paul J. Goetz, The Canyon Current

"Rarely have I listened to a CD by an unknown artist that instantly grabbed hold of my senses and transported me into a special place…..This is one of the best albums I have ever heard."

Bob Leggett, Los Angeles Examiner

About Arthur Lee Land

Arthur Lee Land asks a single provocative question “How come my heart feels cracked open?”

The Lyons Colorado based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and unforgettable Loop Artist Arthur Lee Land, released his 4th album Cracked Open, May 14, 2013 on Perfect Groove Records. Arthur offers a groundbreaking style that is driven by the integration of sophisticated musical, emotional and spiritual juxtapositions. “Fresh!.... Arthur has a unique creative approach in his music.” Grammy Award winning producer Bil Vorndik (Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Doc Watson)

Whether it’s our own world or the world at large falling apart around us, Cracked Open speaks of the suffering and the transformation that is taking place in these times of uncertainty. Ironically for Arthur, shortly after finishing the album, it was losing his voice completely, finding a polyp on his vocal cord (and the miraculous healing without surgery 6 months later), relocating back to Colorado and then being diagnosed with Graves (Hyperthyroid) Disease that forced him to wait almost two years to finally release this album. Those experiences ultimately became a test of faith that “cracked him open deeply” and in the end strengthened him as a person and an artist.

Musically speaking, Electro-Americana may best describe Arthur Lee Land’s eclectic fusion of folk-rock, AfroGrass (worldbeat/bluegrass) and electronica, but cannot fully explain the unique dynamics at work when Arthur enters the studio or takes the stage. The multi-talented performer blends elements from distinctive parts of his career for this recording: his longtime wheelhouse as a touring musician playing folk-rock, country and roots; a world beat/bluegrass hybrid, inspired by a tour of West Africa; and his Art of Live-Looping techniques which have defined his solo live shows since the early 2000s. Then add to this mix - co-producer, engineer and DJ Aaron Shier, who brought in his influences of electronic, house and pop music.

From the first day of production, Cracked Open unfolded as a "whole Album" in the truest sense of the word, taking on a life of it’s own. “We recorded one song a week in my home studio, and we didn't know what the next song would be until the day before we recorded it. It was always like "what's next?" We had about 40 songs to choose from but we had no idea what songs were going to end up on the record and we had to trust the process,” says Arthur. In fact the song order on the CD is the exact order that the tracks were recorded in. One of the lines in the song True North comes to mind: “there’s something bigger going on, so learn some trustin’ ”

Arthur’s autobiographical song and music video “Good Enough” is a key part of an internet based charity widget that will raise money for AbleChild.Org: Parents for Label and Drug Free Education—a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to the rights of parents, caregivers and “ADD/ADHD labeled" children. “As a ‘hyperactive’ guinea pig for Ritalin, I wish my parents had this kind of support back in the day. I wouldn't have had to wait 30 years to re-frame this ‘disorder’ as the truly dynamic gift that it is.” says Arthur.

AbleChild.Org Co-Founder Sheila Matthews says “AbleChild.Org is thrilled to see such a talented musician recognize that children possess an innate, creative spirit that needs to be nurtured and channeled rather than subdued by psychiatric labels and drugs. Mr. Lee Land focuses on the giftedness of the whole child and does not view creativity and non-conformity as necessarily "negative" or as a "deficit" as today's educational system is set up to do.” Sale proceeds of the song will go directly to raise money for this charity. If you or anyone you know has children that are labeled "ADD/ADHD" please check out: www.ablechild.org

Arthur tours as an innovative solo act using the Art of Live-Looping to create an “on the fly” full band sound by layering acoustic guitars, six string banjo, mandolin, B-Bender Telecaster, bass, African percussion, drum samples, beat boxing and other electronic sonic textures and effects. Electro Americana is where High-Tech meets grassroots! “This guy exudes musical magic!”
 --Steve Szymanski, V.P. of Planet Bluegrass 
(Promoters of Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Rocky Mountain Folks Festival)

Arthur’s intuitive collaboration with his non-performing lyricist/wife Carol Lee is an integral part of the artistic landscape of Arthur Lee Land….”How come my heart feels so cracked open / When the love is running deep / Someday we all will cross over / Maybe right now is all we’ll ever be.”


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