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About Tugun Cannon

MC Tugun Cannon embodies a rare trait in hip-hop--he is a street artist that is politically and socially aware. That outlook is even embodied in his name Tugun, which means he shoots knowledge and game.

Having started rapping at a very young age, the first rhyme Tugun ever spit a rhyme it was ironically written by his grandmother. The pro-rap verse (which he still remembers to this day) was the first step into the world of entertainment for Tugun. Working with his grandmother and her production company—1+1 Productions—at the age of 7, Tugun also got the opportunity to share his talents in the theatre. He joined his grandmother and mom as an actor in Shakespearean plays, as well as in Lorraine Hansberry’s production of A Raisin in the Sun.

Although Tugun was exposed to the arts at a very young age it could not keep him from eventually getting caught up in the street life. As fate would have it, he ended up getting sentenced to 16 months in a juvenile detention center outside of Philadelphia, PA. What could have been a setback ended up changing Tugun’s life forever. “They take that rapping shit seriously out there and me being around that refueled my interest in rapping,” says Tugun. He had finally embraced music as the proper creative outlet to express himself.

Once he was released, Tugun relocated to Atlanta, GA and worked at his uncle’s mentor program “It’s Cool to Be Smart.” This would be Tugun’s introduction into the record industry as he had the chance to work and hang with signed artists and producers. Fresh out of juvenile lockup and at just 17-years-old he was discovered by producer P-Money. That connection would lead to Tugun moving to California to work with multi-platinum recording artist Game.

Having gained knowledge in song recording, Tugun had a better idea of how to improve himself as an artist. That journey started with the launch of his career back in Cleveland with the release of his first mixtape titled Growing Pains. Over the next few years Tugun would release six more street albums, creating a strong buzz everywhere he touched down from his hometown to Las Vegas to Chicago where he would go on to sign with independent label Mathaus Entertainment.

With the knowledge of the industry and the knowledge of the street life, Tugun is on the brink of releasing his official debut album, The American Way. Kicked off by the single and video “Bout My Business” produced by Ben McCrary, the album is a culmination of all the things that he’s been through in his life. “The American Way is the little people speaking to the big people,” he says. “This is David’s way of getting Goliath’s attention and letting him know ‘you about to get slayed’.” The album artwork, which features an upside down U.S.A. flag and the title of the album spelled backwards only tell part of the story. But don’t get it twisted, Tugun is not in the game to preach, “My music is thought provoking without beating the listener over the head with a message I do it in a way that if a kid was about to go do something stupid, he might think twice about it if he was listening to my music because he or she can hear me share my experiences of being in the same position.”

As the first in a trilogy of “America” themed albums, Tugun has just begun shooting game and knowledge to the masses.

In addition to the music, Tugun also shows and proves on a grassroots level. Along with fellow artist LuLu Tha P.K., he is starting a breakfast club for underprivileged kids, in urban areas, who are unable to eat breakfast in the morning before school.

Having worked with Game and international singer/songwriter/producer B. Howard (“Can’t Let You Go”), Tugun remains humbled and acknowledges that all of his experiences have been gifts that led him to his current position. “I am anointed by God, more than anything.” With the expectation of listeners seeing who he is as a person, he emphasizes that he “is not a star, but a human being who goes through ups and downs, fun, and is simply open to the human experience.”

His new album The American Way, released September 2011, is on iTunes and other digital outlets.


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