About Rello

18-year-old Chicago rapper, Rello is one of the most positive people one could ever meet. His outlook on life and overall attitude, coupled with a distinct flow and songwriting ability make him one of the most promising young guns in the industry.

Rapping since he was nine-years-old, and signed to Mathaus Entertainment since he was 15-years-old, Rello is already a seasoned young veteran with a wealth of music business knowledge. “At first I really didn’t understand the business of the industry,” he says. “Now I understand that everything you do has to have a plan behind it.”

Rello has taken that lesson seriously as he splits time between the studio and the classroom. In addition to being a full-time emcee, the recent high school graduate also studies audio engineering at Columbia College.

With several years of experience developing his craft and a couple mixtapes under his belt, Rello is now ready to unleash his mainstream style on the masses with his debut album City of Dreams. Rello’s debut is a far cry from what the public is used to from a rapper his age. While most of his contemporaries rhyme about material things, Rello’s lyrics are geared towards inspiring his fans. “City of Dreams Is a story for anyone who wants to chase a dream,” he says. “I want people to listen to me when they are going through something and let my music inspire them and motivate them to keep their head to the sky.”

Fans have already got a small taste of what CoD has to offer with the teaser single and video “Taxi Cab.” Rello also plans to shoot another video for the album’s first official single “Strong” before it is released in early 2012.

Rello’s positive message is not solely relegated to his music. He walks what he talks. He does regular charitable with his label as part of a partnership with Wings Program. Wings is an organization that provides temporary housing and jobs for abused women and children. Rello’s label also donates 10% of all our proceeds to the organization.

With influences such as J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Lupe Fiasco, Rello’s plan to move forward with his career is driven by his emphasis on impacting listeners, specifically by distributing a positive message from a young, Black male’s perspective. At the young age of 18 he has already opened for platinum artist Omarion and super producer Jazze Pha, in addition to working with the underground stars L.E.P Bogus Boys. He is definitely a star on the horizon.


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