Their recently released debut album, FM Arcade, is rife with slick musical structures and beautiful, clear vocals. Standout tracks “Dead Man” and "The Fabulist" deliver with clever, well-paced lyrics set to head-nodding melodies. The best song on the album, though, is “Nights at Armour Mansion.” Its instantly engrossing romanticism and new-wave rhythms find The Canon Logic at their most skillful.

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"I thought there was something seminally New York about what they were doing up there... I thought they were tremendously poppy and they played so well and sung so well. And I was happy to be here to watch them."

Chris Carrabba for MTV2

Vocal harmonies and guitar hooks mix old and new with Brooklyn’s The Canon Logic.


About Canon Logic

In the Spring of 2010 Canon Logic released their first full-length effort, FM Arcade. An eclectic album of powerfully catchy pop songs, FM Arcade is threaded together by an undercurrent of dark tension that bubbles to the surface on stand out tracks like Nights at Armour Mansion and Dead Man. The band - comprised of guitarists Mark Alu and Josh Greenfield, bassist Sean Enright, drummer Zach Jordan, and frontman and principal song-writer Tim Kiely - achieved growing popularity in their native NYC, supporting acts like Oh Land and the Lemonheads, and headlining Bowery Ballroom. They broadened their reach up and down the East Coast on tour, and the songs stretched even further, landing placements on CSI:NY, internet ad campaigns, and on Hollister Co. and affiliated stores’ playlists, nationwide.

In 2011, Canon Logic hooked up with NYC based record label Engine Room Recordings to craft a follow-up to FM Arcade and continue their momentum. The result is Rapid Empire. A five song EP driven by striking rhythms and an unrelenting energy, Rapid Empire offers a glimpse into a sprawling, imaginative dystopia of Tim Kiely’s creation. Themes of fear, solitude, risk, and perseverance are set against each other as a fractured narrative unfolds over dynamic soundscapes. Singularly conceived and focused, Rapid Empire delivers the sound of a young band at their strongest. Rapid Empire is set to be released on August 30th, 2011.


Rapid empire