"...This young trio is easily one of the hottest bands worth keeping an eye and ear on right now. Although still in their infancy, they certainly hold the promise of making it the way the Black Keys have."

Dirty Jeff, Dirty Hippie Radio

"Cab 20 is a rocking band that’s on the fast track to becoming a household name on the national music scene. Do yourself a favor and get onboard their musical train before you get left behind at the station."

C.W. Ross, C.W.'s Place

"If I had a son stuck deep in Depressing Folk, Electronic experimentation, Post-Rock etc., I would force him to listen to this so he could grow a pair..."

Carpeaux, inb4track

"These dudes play straight up rock ‘n roll. If you're rolling your eyes at that statement, Shut the fuck up and listen to these guys! They kick out the jams with their amps set on “FUCK YOUR EARDRUMS” mode, and with their bluesy/early Motorhead style its a welcoming sound when so much out there is a lot of bullshit... These dudes bring it as if they were forced to at gun point; hard-hitting riffs, pounding beats, and some really banging bass lines."

Danni Rossi, The Love Stain

"Inspired by an array of acts like Queens of The Stone Age, Faces, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rolling Stones, T. Rex, The Willows, Kyuss, The Greenhornes, Sleep, and Fu Manchu, this local rock band boasts a raw punchiness in its otherwise difficult to describe sound. They’re heavy, but not enough to be hard rock. They’re indie, but not enough to be boring and flat. They wander, but not enough to be completely psychedelic. And they’re not sloppy enough to be garage. It’s really just good rock and roll."

Jeff Vincent, The Easy Reader

About Cab 20

Cab 20 is: Bert Hoover, Eric Contreras, and Jason Almanza

Bert Hoover - Guitar/Vocals

As Cab 20's songwriter and frontman, Bert has the duty of not only writing most of the riffs and lyrics, but also representing the band on stage. With a playstyle that manages to be both technically skillfull as well as raw, He uses Sears Roebuck catalog guitars from the '60s to create the band's notoriously gritty sound. If Bert isn't playing music, chances are you can find him either buying more music to put in his extensive vinyl collection, or listening to live music at a concert or music festival.

Eric Contreras - Drums

Eric is the driving force behind all of of Cab 20's music. Playing a customized drumset that has iconically been a part of rock history for the past half century, he pushes the songs along with an aggressively booming rock n' roll pace while playing complex rhythms and elaborate fills that are typically heard in the bluesey/jazzier side of the musical spectrum. With a scorching sense of humor and a penchant for turning any event into a good time, Eric can always be found either laughing or making others laugh.

Jason Almanza - Bass/Keys/Vocals

A stoner rock aficionado and borderline metal-head, Jason takes huge musical influences from the desert rock scene. He uses his excessively large bass rig to round out the band's low end with a distorted thump. Citing both Geezer Butler and John Entwistle as bass icons, his influences are easily noticed in the '70s era equipment he uses and the musical flourishes he plays between riffs. When he's not playing bass, he spends most of his time simply relaxing, playing video games, or cooking up a storm.


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