A breath of fresh air with a marriage of sweet tenderness and haunting resonance. Solidly produced, this EP is a great listen and a good introduction to the potential of this duo. Most of the songs are well-crafted without trying to be and the vocals are beautiful, reminding me of great singers in the vein of Leigh Nash, Harriet Wheeler and Kate Bush. My favorite track ‘Last Recorded Summer’ is an subtle, addictive snapshot of how melodically talented the duo is. Great job. Will definitely be watching for more from XO.

Jack Taylor

I like the lyrics and think that the style/sound remind me a bit of the Sundays- a HUGE compliment- I love the swing of Chateau Marmont ! There's a killer air of European influences that range from the late 60's to the 80's Thank you for the extremely pleasurable listen to "Chateau Marmont" and "Last recorded summer." Ophelia could sing me the ingredient list of a breakfast cereal and I'd want to buy it ! Love this chanteuse type vulnerability and emotional rawness. Both compositions, but especially "Last summer" really lodged themselves in my consciousness.... I think my favorite song by you is "Heartbeat." That one really stops me in my tracks every time. Please keep up this fantastic and highly pro output...


Xavier & Ophelia's debut album is colorful, refreshing, and packed with incredible lyrical content. I love this line from the first verse of "Six Billion Lonely People": "A million little pieces, hearts are like grenades, shatter all these promises, love ain't no parade." This project is a great marriage of solid lyrical craftsmanship and fun, creative pop melodies and hooks.The variety of the album is impressive, and Deanna Moore's ethereal vocals hold it all tightly together for a cohesive and fascinating sound. There are shades of exotic places, dark corners, and heavenly clouds throughout the album that keep the listener engaged. The subtly sexy "I'm Alright," and the lyrically gorgeous "Six Billion Lonely People," are my favorite tracks.

Morgan Bennett

Love the album ! I play it in the car and have listened to it a few times now. ”Jack and Jill” is a great opener…full of hooks.” It’s good to hear an album of classically good song writing with clever middle eights and fine vocals and production. Xavier & Ophelia will go down very well in the UK on the college/university scene.! Neil Barber Edinburgh, Scotland

Neil Barber

About Xavier & Ophelia

Multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer Dave Tough fell in love with the angelic voice and guitar work of DeAnna Moore when searching for demo singers on Myspace in 2009. They met and soon realized that they both shared a love of artists such as Fiona Apple, Goldfrapp, and Edie Brickell as well as a penchant for older jazz standards. The name Xavier & Ophelia (X&O) originated from a pair of children’s dolls.

X&O’s music collectively has been placed in movies, television, and commercials. Musically, they tend to combine Bachrach-eqsque melodies with electronic production intermingled with live instruments such as the acoustic guitar and drums. The duo released their first 9 song effort, X&O, in 2011. They continue to explore new sounds and textures from their studio in Nashville, TN.


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