"At a Vicky concert, no one can hear you scream..."

The New York Grapevine

About Vicky

If you've never experienced a Vicky concert, then you're in luck. I've driven for five, six hours and slept in my car to see them, but unlike sex the first time was special. It meant something. Standing in the throbbing crowd at my first Vicky concert, more than half drunk, not knowing when I lost contact with my friends and not caring one bit, making up words to a chorus I first heard not a minute ago just to sing along with the crowd - that's when it hit me. Between the guitars jangling my arms and the bass drum kicking my stomach, a stray thought crystallized:

In a Vicky concert, the crowd is a body and Vicky is a boot stamping down on its face forever.

And the crowd loves it.

As someone who doesn't know what they're talking about would say, the quartet has come out of nowhere and taken the Icelandic music scene by storm. The reality is different, but more satisfying. The foursome of Ástrós, Eygló and Lotta - with the drummer Orri, who has long since given up objecting to being to a girl band - started out playing small gigs in shit venues. They have risen to become one of the foremost rock bands in Iceland through years of playing whatever venue they can get, sticking through the sweat and broken strings and gaffer tape until early morning, and generally rocking the fuck out. All along the way they've grown harder and tighter. Harder and tighter.

All this gaffer tape and sweat shone through on "Pull Hard", Vicky's debut album from 2008. Aside from spawning singles like evil creatures fed after midnight, "Pull Hard" catapulted the band on tours to China and the United States. Having endured hurricanes, volcanoes and lost kittens in preparation for their next album Vicky is primed like a grenade and ready to explode onto the stage. their new album Cast a Light will be out in 2011.