Absolutely fascinating “weird-pop”

Arnar Eggert, Morgunblaðið (Icelandic newspaper)

Good songs and lyrics, humour and a raw and interesting sound make this debut an excellent pop album

Trausti Júlíusson, Fréttablaðið (Icelandic newspaper)

Powerful and experimental, yet measured and mature.

Dr. Gunni, Fréttatíminn (Icelandic newspaper)

About Sigurður Eyberg

Sigurður Eyberg is an Icelandic musician playing a joyous mixture of alternative rock, electronica and 80’s pop in the vein of Beck and possibly late seventies Bowie. Arnar Eggert music reporter for Iceland’s Morgunblaðið (the Morning paper) describes it as: …absolutely fascinating “weird-pop”

Sig’s first album Finger of God (toes of Paul McCartney) is just out - receiving much praise from the Icelandic press. Alongside the release a new website has been launched at sigurdureyberg.com. All twelve songs on the new album can be streamed and purchased at the website.

Although this is Sig’s debut album he is no novice to the music business and is, among other things, a former recording artist with Atco/East-West in New York, where he was signed at a tender age with classic rock monster Deep Jimi & the Zep Creams. Sig is also a founding member of the mysterious country-punk band Divine Neanderthals (Hinir Guðdómlegu Neanderdalsmenn), rumored to have their first, and much awaited, album in the pipelines.

Finger of God (toes of Paul McCartney) includes When I'm sixty nine, a tribute to Paul McCartney’s 69th birthday (on June 18th 2011) and the album as a whole is a great celebration to life, marking a new and exciting beginning in Sigurður Eyberg’s musical career.

Life is so great
it’s slightly unnerving
My back is so straight
it’s curving
(The Curve – Finger of God (toes of Paul McCartney)

...Sigurður Eyberg was like a force of nature with breathtaking vocals and amazing interpretation.
(- Þórdís Elva, Grapewine)

...genius music!
(- Elin Kavin, Sami musician)

... No run of the mill stuff... brilliant debut.
Arnar Eggert, Morgunblaðið (Icelandic newspaper)


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