“…she’s a super ultra mega freak who reeks with enough pouty ’n’ perky vocal punk attitude to slaw your drooling slack-jawed visage a permanent skin peel while her band cranks out enough primo power pop to make you wanna grab her by the hand; track down a preacher man; and change her name so that you can be her next willing victim.”

Jeffrey Morgan: official biographer of Alice Cooper & The Stooges

“…The Krissi Moses experience feels like getting to steal a glimpse of a young Gwen Stefani when No Doubt was Sublime’s opening act.”

EMC, VESSEL Dec 2009

“…I watched her pull an entire crowd against the stage during her first song, and keep them there wanting more at the end of her set. Beautiful, angry, and intense. Definitely not ‘Forgettable’.”

Dave Herrera, Westword Oct 2009

About Krissi Moses

Los Angeles native Krissi Moses (now sharing compilation space at Virgin Megastores with Counting Crows, and adjusting to her sudden local fame in the LA rock scene) wrote her first song at 16 at the encouragement of “Slappy” (bassist of Bargain Music – a band credited with influencing the likes of LA legends Sublime and others). Saturday Night Magazine thinks “Slappy” is a pretty smart guy. The high-circulation college party rag recently selected Krissi from a gaggle of high-power, upcoming talent (including several new RCA, Geffen and Interscope installments) for their 5th annual Saturday Night Loud album (a series featuring many freshman acts gone global over the years, including breakout phenomena Feist and The Submarines). Did we mention Krissi is also incredibly good-looking? Check out her hot pics all over the web.

Originally courted by Columbia as a solo act, Krissi flouted the advice of her friends and family, electing instead to assemble a band from scratch and work out her signature sound gigging live. It worked. Continuing to write, record, gig and explore new genres and sounds, Krissi’s material is a fresh blend of rock, pop, reggae, punk and funk, best characterized by her compilation track, “You’re Forgettable” (based wryly on her true-life first heartbreak – he’s kickin’ himself now).
Krissi just came off the road (her last show in Reno to a crowd of 2000 screaming psychos) and is completing her full length CD entitled FREAK!!!

Krissi is currently managed by Tom Callahan & Associates. info@tomcallahan.com 310-418-1384

Fan mail should be sent to TCA PO BOX 1960 Manhattan Beach, Ca. 90267


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