Their pop-rocking yet eclectic melodies were tight, and made it easy to see why kind words have been spreading about this outfit for some time now.

Pete Freedman - Dallas Observer

I have had so many people tell me I needed to see them. The disappointing thing was that I waited so long to do so. Seriously, whatever “IT” is, they have it. In spades.

The Synaptic

Their music is infectious!


Don’t wait until next year to see them.


About Bravo, Max!

“The songs flowed out from within us as though they had been holding their breath inside a smoke filled room, inside a burning house. And finally, the songs broke through us; they learned the feeling of collapsed lungs inflating like balloons and then floated off giving us no time to catch them again.”

These are the words Johnny Beauford uses to describe the process of recording Dog’s Light, the debut album from Dallas trio Bravo, Max! They reflect not only the group’s artistry, but also carry hints of the deep and constantly evolving personality of the band. Singer and songwriter Beauford (guitar, harmonica, piano) is joined by his cousin Ben Gastright (bass, mandolin, vocals), who takes the raw frameworks of songs produced by Beauford and nurtures them into adolescence and beyond. Filling out the lineup is Jonathan Jackson (in-house producer/drums), whose musical support and creative talents lead each song into full adulthood.

Dog’s Light, the debut album from Bravo, Max!, alternates between beautifully constructed pop music and progressive-tinged Americana. Produced by GRAMMY winner Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, William H. Burroughs), the album was recorded live, in-studio, in just under 30 hours. Although the group tours as a 3 piece, the album features local members, Bob Loshelder, Ellie Stevens, and Steve Vanderheide as they play an orchestral role on many of the tracks. While Gastright and the rest of the band wrap marvelous walls of sound around the melody lines, Beauford ties together people, places, and moments in distinctive sounding episodes of reverie and magic.

And that is the secret of Bravo, Max! The band, individually and collectively, are infatuated with the human race and human experience. The songs of Bravo, Max! reflect the power and beauty of suffering and redemption in deep imagery and simple rhyme. Each song ebbs and flows with a life that is almost human. Some are born of heartache, while others dig at the long healed scars of loves past, seeking fresh understanding. But each captures a sliver of truth; a reflection of humanity that is palpable and real. In lyrics, instrumentation, and performance, Bravo, Max! holds an understanding well beyond their young age(s).

It is this ability; the art of memorializing experiences in song, and bringing them to life that engages audiences and makes Bravo, Max! a band to remember. It is a rare quality shared by such distinguished songwriters as Paul Simon, Jeff Tweedy, Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman. Add to this an artisan style work-ethic, and a distinctive talent for building arrangements into organic musical sculpture, and so Bravo, Max! continues climbing the rungs of the up and comer band world, and turning heads at each stop.