"Hudson K is the real deal, a band with influences galore but a sound that is their own, a rare quality in this day of the doppelgangers haunting the charts and airwaves."

Jim Sells Enigma Magazine

"Talk about an album that will get inside your head. Christina Horn may not be the first woman to pound on a piano while forcefully delivering confrontational lyrics in a hauntingly beautiful voice, but she definitely does it her own way."


“Shine” is the sound of a woman kicking that door open, proclaiming with sensual bravado and brash attitude that it's time to let loose and live life to the fullest.."

Steve Wildsmith The Maryville Daily Times

"That's nothing but beautiful!"

Dave Carter host of 89.9 WETS-FM Saturday morning music show

About Hudson K

Hudson K is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Christina Horn. Combining influences that span decades, Christina’s work dwells in the abstract, emerging in timeless forms. Drawing her inspiration from other such artists as Tori Amos and Tom Waits, Hudson K has crafted their own unique sound of avant-garde and pop fusion. Incredibly photogenic and fashion-minded, Horn is a glamorous figure for the alternative music realm; a seeming star-in-waiting, successor to that mystical/sexual rock-heroine crown.

The New York-born Horn pulls from her music school education and her experience producing scores when it comes to writing songs. She also cites Bat for Lashes and Andrew Bird as influences, while echoes of Bjork and PJ Harvey are heard throughout Hudson K’s transforming indie rock sound.

Classically trained on piano, Horn has been able to escape the trappings of concert piano, to cut out her own niche in psychedelic experimentalism. “I hope that, as time goes on, I’m able to peel away more and more layers of myself to the point where I’ve made something, and become something, that is no longer comparable to my past.”

Before she began composing and performing her own quirky, intricate pop songs, Christina proved her musical prowess as part of Erick Baker’s regular band, as pianist and background vocalist. During this time she began to compose the songs that would make up her first solo record. Synthesizing a blend of Regina Spektor, My Brightest Diamond, Portishead, and Neko Case, Horn then adopted the name Hudson K for her solo career. When unveiled, in May, 2010, the set was called Shine; its title is emblematic of the entire artistic process, and the self-delusion that comes with performing.

Shine's songs are literary, evocative, and complicated; their dramatic ebb and flow is wildly varied, but a smooth and cohesive ride through and through. All told, you could listen to this one for years and never get sick of it; like your favorite book or movie, you'll always find something new whenever you come back. 

Hudson K’s music is bold and vivid. Her live shows are made up of thunderous marching band drums, desert guitar, ballet school piano, harpsichord, sub-bass snarls, hand-claps and naive beats. There are also interludes of exquisite heartbreak; the piano ballad 'Champion' has on more than one occasion left audience members in tears. Her debut album Shine is a very special record, a cohesive collection of songs so haunting and mesmerizing it makes a striking impression on all who hear it.


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