During the 5 tracks MesAyah is moving within themes such as the oppressed souls, the liberation of the individual and the masquerade many of us have for each other in the community.

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Paradise of Paradigms: You got mic skills, and I like that you came off on a pretty original way of doing it. the sing song style, im diggin that too.

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Think you have a great sound, easy on the ears and can hold my attention for more than a half of a minute! You got alot of potential to really expand!

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I am into hip hop artists, but this is good stuff, usually I can't listen long for my flavors are different, but there is enough variety here for all.

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About MesAyah

Norwegian rapper from Oslo whose on a journey of seducing the world with a poetic lyrical approach to music that you have not seen since the progressive rock era in the 70´s.

Ever since he started rapping back in '05, MesAyah has focused on the listeners and provided them with something new. He wants to evoke feelings and thoughts both on a personal and collective level, and let the audience get more out of the lyrics when giving them another listen. MesAyah has an artistic approach, allowing the listener to interpret his music in their own way rather than adopting his beliefs.


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