"...the likes of Punk Rock 101, The Bitch Song and the brilliant I'm Gay remaining some of the finest and unashamedly silly pop-punk anthems seen since Blink 182's heyday."

Kerrang Magazine

“Sure to get kids all over the world reaching for their guitars”

Total Guitar Magazine

Pop Rock. Pure and Simple.

Kerrang Magazine

The best band in the world. Simply by being themselves.

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About Bowling For Soup

Having been in constant creative demand for over 17 straight years, pop-punk uber-band Bowling for Soup clearly has no problem kicking out fresh songs, ridiculous videos, and album after album of music that sets the bar for their genre. Even after nearly two decades together, some things are the same. They still call Denton, TX home, they still are putting out an avalanche of new music every year, and they’re still the guys you’d cut class with to get a beer and a Hot Pocket. For a band that has had only one personnel change in 17 years, which is a remarkable feat by any standards, it’s clear that the team stays tight and that ain’t gonna change. As much as things are the same, however, recent times have brought massive changes for Bowling for Soup, and some things are very, very different and completely awesome.

At the core, Bowling for Soup is still Jaret Reddick, Erik Chandler, Gary Wiseman, Chris Burney, and 3 generations of loyal, ravenous fans. As of Fall 2009, though, the partner no longer at the party is Jive Records. Jive and the guys parted ways on good terms, but sadly just four weeks after the release of Sorry for Partyin’. Away with the label went all promo plans for the album, and no single from the record was ever released to radio. Though they were shell shocked, the decision not to slow down was obvious. Rather than spend a couple years trying to get ownership of Sorry for Partyin’ from Jive so they could release it themselves, Jaret locked himself in a room for a month and wrote the songs that have become their latest release, Fishin’ for Woos.

Released worldwide on April 26th, 2011, Fishin’ for Woos is their response to being label-free for the first time in years and deciding to go balls out as an independent band with a mind-blowing fan base. “The only pressure we felt was not to make a record just to fill the space and keep things moving,” says songwriter/frontman Jaret Reddick. “It had to be just as real as everything else we’ve done.” It worked. Fishin’ for Woos is the classic Bowling for Soup sound and energy, led by marquis tracks “S-S-S-Saturday”, “Girls In America”, “I’ve Never Done Anything Like This” featuring Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo, and “Turbulence” featuring Gabriel Mann, who is 1/4 of The Rescues and composes the music for mega hit TV show Modern Family. Also making its full-production debut is “Guard My Heart,” which will make legions of fans very, very happy. Written by bassist Erik Chandler for a film called Sardines, the rough demo was leaked to fans online in 1997 and became a monster favorite around the world.

Being able to include “Guard My Heart” on the record simply because they want to is the nutshell of where Bowling for Soup is at right now. “The freedom is amazing,” says Reddick. “If we want to release a new record every 6 months, we can. If we want to make a Christmas album, or remix album, or sing in a Disney project, we can. We don’t need to get anyone’s permission.”

He’s not kidding about the Disney thing. In 2008, the creators of the Disney cartoon TV series Phineas and Ferb, which is hailed as one of the most-viewed cartoons in the world, asked Jaret to expand the Emmy-nominated 30-second theme song into a full-length radio single. “Today is Gonna Be a Great Day” is the result, and the song and music video have become fixtures on Radio Disney and the Disney Channel. Since the first one went so well, Disney has since invited Jaret back to write several more songs for Phineas and Ferb, have cast him in a recurring role on the show as the voice of “Danny,” the lead singer of the band Love Handle, and have included both Jaret as “Danny” and Bowling for Soup as themselves on the two Phineas and Ferb Christmas albums, and several other releases. All in all, the Disney thing turned into a pretty sweet deal, and in addition to making them heroes to their kids, it reconnected Bowling for Soup to fans young and old.

While keeping their fans of all ages fat and happy on BFS music and TV goodness, the guys have kept right on doing what they’ve done from the start: the road. Having literally played around the world several times, including Cuba, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Italy, China (twice), thousands of shows in the US and 26 separate tours of the UK just since 2000, these guys know the road. “You gotta stay busy to stay relevant,” remarks Jaret. “Plus, we love what we do. It’s our job to play music for people, and we love our job.” In 2011, “the job” will include April in the UK on an acoustic tour headlined by Bowling for Soup and supported by Erik Chandler’s solo project The Mulberry St. Socialites and People On Vacation (Jaret’s other band), and then May/June shows in the US before spending July in Asia playing for the U.S. Military. After Asia, it’s back to the US for college shows in August/September and then a full-force full band UK tour to drop Fishin’ for Woos on the world.

Some things, like their endless touring schedule and love for their fans, are the same. Other things have changed. It’s not like they thought, “hey, pretty soon we’re gonna be cartoons without a record deal playing shows for the military across Asia.” That’s just how it went down, and in solid BFS-fashion, they’re using it as fuel and killing it. Plans and deals and ideas get different, get weird, get gone. Some things, though, like fans and friends and kick-ass music stay exactly the same. Some things will never change. They’ll just grow.


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