"Jennifer has a sweet, soothing voice and has a way of simply expressing herself. It is no wonder why fans say they can relate to her songs."

Podfeeder 2006

“remarkable songwriting”

Independents Only

“Jen's music is inspirational and I love this CD. I haven't stopped listening to it since I bought it. The lyrics are amazing and each song tells a story that one can relate to. Beautful!!!”

Elaine H.

This CD is so deep. Her voice finds a way to stir up raw emotion in the listener. My favorite song is "Beautiful Girl" - i sang that song in my head for over a week after I heard it!

Lola Santana

About Jennifer Richman

Sometimes we survive through our art, and sometimes we save others. Jennifer Richman has done both. The Brooklyn born and bred singer/songwriter has a penchant for uplifting lyrics and songs of hope and inspiration. Her song “Beautiful Girl” spent over 30 weeks on Top 40 and Adult Contemporary Charts in 2010, and Jennifer was nominated as Best Female Artist and Best New Artist of 2010 by New Music Weekly Magazine.

Jennifer Richman grew up in a middle class family, and was encouraged early on in her artistic pursuits as a ballet dancer. Jennifer caught the singing bug from her twin sister, and her grandmother fed the fire by teaching her piano. Still, Jennifer was shy about performing. A solo in junior high broke the dam, however, and the reticent performer became the girl who wouldn’t stop singing practically overnight. Jennifer suddenly took great joy in singing for others, but music was much more than just performance. Music became an emotional life raft for Jennifer; a stabilizing force that grounded and inspired her. These days Jennifer performs with the hope of inspiring others.

Jennifer, an Occupational Therapist by day, began taking a guitar with her on internships while in college, staying after her shift was over and playing music for her patients. It was here that Jennifer became convinced of the healing magic of music. These days Jennifer works primarily with autistic children, and has seen non-verbal kids begin to speak through the power of music. Its experiences like these that drive Jennifer to create; to write songs that inspire and engage her listeners.

Jennifer is also an avid student and practitioner of Yoga, and met her Guru, Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand during one of his trips to New York City. Yoga has helped Jennifer connect with her true self. Because of this internal connection, Jennifer has become adept at connecting with fans, whether through recorded media or in her live shows. Jennifer touches hearts the way most people shake hands, casually and without pretense. Fans from all over the world have been moved by Jennifer’s songs, and reach out to tell her so.

Jennifer Richman’s songwriting has won her comparisons to Jewel and Joni Mitchell, while her voice recalls Shania Twain and Mindy Smith. All of these are fair assessments, but fail to capture the essence of Jennifer Richman. Jennifer carries with her a quiet intensity blended with a sense of wonder at the world around her. She’s a survivor who’s found a way to thrive, and believes that everyone deserves the same opportunity. This energy and commitment to others shines through in her music, in her life as a therapist, and in her role as a lecturer at Columbia University, where she espouses the healing power of music in the world of autism. It is a mark of Jennifer’s character that every professional aspect she’s taken on seeks to make the lives of others better.

Jennifer Richman’s debut album, Flowers Of Gold, finds Jennifer weaving her personal experiences into song like a master songwriter. The beatific sound of her voice puts listeners immediately at ease, and Jennifer fills her songs with messages of hope, comfort and survival.

Jennifer is currently working on her sophomore effort, due in 2011; a more mature musical affair informed by years of honing her songwriting and vocal craft. With inspiration gained from the passing of friends and new perspectives on concepts such as thankfulness and forgiveness, Jennifer’s trademark mix of sweet melodies and insightful lyrics evoke hope for a new tomorrow.

Jennifer Richman brings you into her stories like an old friend. It is this quality, more than any other that distinguishes Jennifer as an artist. Her songs touch chords in her listeners because they are honest stories told from the well of memory and the depths of emotion. Her drive to heal and inspire has informed everything that Jennifer has ever done, and she brings that drive to the world in song. Jennifer Richman is the change she wishes to see in the world.


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