“If you are looking for traditional sound with a traditional message this is not the band for you.”

Genesis Magazine

“The band that aims to bust social barriers also obliterates any sense of performing within the confines of just one music genre.”


“Scott sounds like a mix of Steve Perry and Bon Scott”


“Crazy Tomes brings Hendrix and young Clapton back to me”

Remi Kabaka (who played with both)

About Arrest My Sister

Vision of Awareness in a Box

To increase true awareness of people of differences, ultimately resulting in social and cultural inclusion, by creating best practices turnkey events and program.

About Arrest My Sister:
Arrest My Sister takes live music to new frontiers with its bold and eclectic mix of music styles. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the band revives classic sound and spins it with a modern twist, blending a melting pot of legendary influences from fifty years of rock and roll with today's flavor and the beat of the "kick."

Founded in 2009, each member of AMS brings experience, talent and flavor to make a musical gumbo like none other. Lead singer Scott Siegel has a four octave vocal range and routinely belts out 16-second falsetto notes. This singer/songwriter is fearless as he takes fans through a twisted time-warp; fusing rock with reggae, pop with folk and psychedelic with symphony all while weaving classic influences with cutting-edge innovation. Sparks fly and fans rock as the lightning-fast fingers of lead guitarist Crazy Tomes flash through scales, licks and riffs that hint of Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix. Bass guitarist Wadada Khufu keeps Crazy Tomes in hot pursuit as he plays the resonating beats of bass like a lead. The drums and cymbals of Jon McCracken set the pulse to this eclectic fusion with superior execution, keeping the band's rhythm tight and crisp.

The band released their debut album—Make Your Move—in late 2010, generating much critical acclaim. The CD, produced by Freddy Curci (Sherriff, Alias) is available digitally through iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon. Packaged CDs can be purchased through CD Baby.

The members of AMS believe in giving back and are heavily involved in helping people with disabilities. The band is partnered with Awareness in a Box (www.awarenessinabox.com/overview) an organization with the mission to spread disability awareness to the typical community by providing all inclusive Autism and Disability Awareness Days. These events are in a fun and entertaining environment that includes activities that provide participants the opportunity to experience what it is like to walk in the shoes of a person with autism and other disabilities. The house band and master of ceremonies for these events is Arrest My Sister.

This commitment to the community with disabilities was sparked at a show early in the band’s career, when Arrest My Sister invited students from Inclusion Films (a workshop that trains people with disabilities for entry-level positions in the movie industry) to attend a show at the Cabana Club in Hollywood in mid-November of 2009. One student, Nicky Klein, was a young man with severe cerebral palsy who leads a life confined to his wheel chair. Scott invited everyone to dance and Nicky put his “chair in gear,” navigating himself toward the middle of the dance floor. Everyone gravitated to Nicky dancing with him and touching him in encouragement. Through the music, Nicky was included. That day, Awareness in a Box was born.

The band is as serious about their music as they are about making a difference. Though lofty, their goal is simple: They would like to be remembered as the greatest band in history to heal the world with music.

To date the group has performed more than 50 shows in front of crowds as large as 10,000, including a special performance at the iconic Carnegie Hall.