HONORED to be the first to review this wonderful, wonderful, gorgeous gem. I just don't know what else one could expect to be better here. Brian..APPLAUSE. A brilliant performance, crisply recorded, flawless vocals, song and lyrics that only true artists can make. Totally awesome Brian. SO IMPRESSIVE

Blake (imusicscene.com)

A middle aged man with the heart and spirit of a teenager who knows how to rock the house and can also melt your heart with his ballads.

Loren (CD Baby)

When i first heard this CD, I liked it...but after a half dozen listens, i love it. Like all well written songs, they get better over time and have staying power..and so it is with Self Tort's funky, pop rock musical cocktail. At times to me Billy Joel meets Elvis Costello, it also features tracks that are reminiscent of Jethro Tull and Golden Earring. The ballads are treasures. No regrets from this satisfied consumer. Buy and enjoy! - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/selftort


So, with a little more thought, you come to understand that inside a musician is a musican. He may strive for the bright lights and big money, but when that doesn't happen, there is where you separate the musicians from the fortune hunter. Not much reward, just what he can sell, just the odd kind word along the way. But, as you listen to song like this, you realise that this guy ain't doing it for any of those things, he's doing i because it is as natural to him as breathing.

Luca Wolf, Mixposure.com

Most musicians choose one genre and stick with it, but Brian Ralston did not enclose himself in that box. He decided to enjoy them all, and consequently, he has opened the door to many different forms of music to all who listen to the brilliant effort that is Tortology.

Rhonda Readence

About Self Tort

Shades of Dr John and Eric Clapton, with hints of a full gin soaked gravel sound of Joe Cocker and with lyrics that show an emotional life, lived to the max...you have it!

Born in 1953, grew up with an elder brother and sister so got early introductions to 50s and 60s rock music. Played lead guitar in “Sirrah” in the 1970s then work and family took over. Formed a covers band in the 1990s and started writing original material. In 2000 turned to solo and 1man band performance and concentrated on writing original material. Released debut CD “N.I.C” in 2006. Follow up CD “Tortology” due for release on 12 June, 2010. Have an unreleased CD “The Tort Stripped Bare” which contains acoustic versions of songs from NIC and Tortology and have completed recording a CD of collaborations with other artists, tentatively entitled “In Cahoots” which will be released in 2011. I have performed as a 1-man band at the Mortdale Hotel in Sydney for 10 years on a monthly basis. I also regularly perform in an acoustic format at inner city venues in Sydney. Self Tort plans to have his third solo CD completed during 2012 and proposes to embark on a tour of the USA to promote the CD